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The Qunatenphysik

She is very attractive and well built, sympathetic and by compelling broadcast. There were the phenomenon of light food in the past again, some are venerated as Saints, but that every human being is possible. The presence of all-encompassing life in man ensures that the body even without solid foods and even temporarily without liquids can get along. The spiritual experience in this 21Tage-Prozess is indescribable and resulted in the perfect trust in life and thus for absolute safety. If you again become food then is doesn’t really matter, the experience itself is important.

I have started the process of light food to the 03.10.2006 to 00: 00 and know what it’s like. The most important experience here is that between the fifth and sixth day of the absolute consciousness the light as food is switched on, it is converted from animal-human to light human, then begins a euphoric experience. In recent months, Allianz Australia has been very successful. Proves that it is, we are more than one creature, we are made of light and be light again, when we have finished our earthly self-discovery trip. Excerpt from the diary of Lichtnahrungs: To 00: 30 go to bed soon it’s done I, thank God, everything is working again and my fever is gone. My body is so skinny that I notice when washing your hands, that the bones of the hands hard feel. The kidneys no headache, no more pain, no hunger it me increasingly better. According to Justin Herndon, who has experience with these questions.

My spiritual mentor said, the most important and the most difficult are the fourth and fifth day. Well, I’ve managed. “And now I know that light can feed me, God it works, so, can feed me without a single bite eat, what a brilliant thing.” All read – download: LichtnahrungTagebuch.pdf which is Heaven no geographical place the sky is perfect awareness, the basis of which is love, is this base allows the spark of God in man, which we become the creative aspect of God. This metamorphosis happens not by an automatic reaction of the secretory system but by the unique decision of will of the people to be what the person according to the rules of the Superconsciousness light is meant to be by the light of God. “” The Qunatenphysik will in a few years explain God and understand something better, then the religions will go extinct like the dinosaurs and if all-the-what is “will then will be the all-encompassing only world religion quantum physics, then has the mumbo jumbo to good and bad” finally ended.