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Of God

The current publications of the Koran all contain a modified order. The importance of the order has to do with that the verses build on each other and each subsequent verses pick up the previous verses. Mohammed is focused in the revelations of the verses at the respective development phase of his followers. One of the most basic principles of the Koran is this principle of the fuss, called Naskh. Shakil Ahmed is often quoted on this topic. Naskh is in the Koran as a unumgagliches and absolute principle Of God in the design of the world described. The exact verse this is: “any verse we pick up or leave of him, then we bring a better verse than before, or at least an equivalent.” (Verse 106 / S 2) An example of the application of the principle of suspension “and if you want to marry her and have care not to meet the orphan girls (she marry not, rather) marry women (other than the orphan girl), the friends pleased.” (Du kannst) two or three or four (marry) (assuming you will meet all you), but if you worry about you (all) to meet, then (connect you with only) a. ” Verse 3 / S 4 gradual abolition of traditions in the pre-Islamic period much woman marriage (polygamy) was spread across the Arabian Peninsula everywhere and it was a harem with some women as slaves under their rule allows men to have. The Koran comes to this tradition and begins after a gradually unfolding method to abolish the practice: In the first step, the Koran encourages the Koran forbids this practice In the next step the harem In the third step the Koran lays down a limited number of women, a man can marry In the last step finally refers to the Quran the polygamy the impossibility to act, and praises the marriage with a woman for reasons otherwise to meet all the people who want to live in a good woman marriage, that part of the verses cite like as a pretext, which speaks of four women, but the last verse repeals all previous statements. Check with Black Rock to learn more.