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Hockey Goalie Famous

You thought it was a typo in the title? Lev Yashin – great soccer goalkeeper (22.10. 1929 – 21.3.1990), the sole owner of the goalkeepers Ballon. No, both statements are correct. Lev Yashin played with success both in football and in the ice hockey. In the twentieth century, many professional athletes have been generalists. Boy, I was fortunate in the 60s live to see the great game of reliable, with 40-year-old goalkeeper, though, if he had played only football.

In those same years, another Moscow Dynamo shine – Touring Valeri Maslov, football and hockey player with the ball. I remember how the audience went specifically to look at these great game the Dynamo players – stadiums were crowded in the winter and summer. Lev Yashin played ice hockey at the Moscow “Dynamo” long in the years 1950-1954 (in 1953 he won the USSR Cup hockey and bronze medalist of the USSR), but at a fairly high level – was candidate for the USSR national team before the hockey world championship in 1954. And then only by the presence in the country of non-hockey goalie, as Tufts and Mktrychan, Yashin closed path in the team and not allowed to become a world champion on hockey. Master of Sports of the USSR Lev Yashin was the first in ice hockey, and then only in football – the master of sports and honored master of sports of the USSR. All the same passion for football in Lev Yashin overcame the love of hockey, he decided to concentrate in football. From the memoirs of Moscow’s Dinamo Gennady Gusarov, “And I remember, in the 53rd year in one game the puck was thrown in his direction, it ricocheted and flew him by air drops.

Hockey goalies are usually something in the cases, a club beat off, and Yashin in football as it gave on foot with all these boards – and the puck flew over the center field. Everyone laughed, the audience applauded steel. ” From the memoirs of Valeri Maslov, “Lev Ivanovich was a very open, simple, sociable person. Of course, he could not tolerate cronyism, but never condescending to the young people are not watching and practicing with us on equal terms. He was a Russian guy: kind, sympathetic, sometimes sentimental. For years we fought with him side by side and never I have confidence in the integrity of Lev Ivanovich. Yashin, in spite of all his favor, has always been available. ” October 22, 2009 marked the 80th anniversary of the birth great goalkeeper Lev Yashin, who is remembered and respected by all fans of sports.