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Martin Heidegger Pero

That is an illusion? It is that just something that in reality does not exist. We will not go to philosophize about if is real or not reality because we are here to develop an understanding about the time and not the reality, very interesting topic that we can leave for another chance. See David Rogier for more details and insights. But for thousands of years, without that mediate the scientific knowledge, without the current means of access to knowledge the zeneistas as master Dogen had already said it, and in a most categorical manner yet, time is an illusion. Two totally different worldviews, a Westerner, clinging to the scientific method, the division, categorization, creating ideas, the mathematization of the proportions and the geometrization of spaces and supported on models mathematical said in the 20th century that time is an illusion. Another culture, whose harmonic worldview integrating, which do not need to categorize to understand, you don’t need to separate to know, nor of the idea to develop internally, which does not divide but also clumps together, has also said that time is an illusion. He is possibly talking about different illusions and perhaps different times. For even more analysis, hear from Cyrus Taraporevala.

But that importance has? As Gregory Bateson says. Two descriptions are much better than one. What is important and there is no lose sight of is that both a philosophy of more than 4000 years and another at the dawn of the 20th century from an access to different knowledge obtained the same result. More beyond this reality the possibility Martin Heidegger Pero there is really the time? Because it is a very important parameter for us? It is an illusion but nobody reaches escape from him, a sort of ghost of witch that does not exist but is, is, more seems still, forming an inseparable part of our being. Heidegger was the philosopher than more delved into the issue of time and temporality of being.