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Rome People

There are people whose memory is all a jewel, one of them can remember everything has read in your life, you have complete encyclopedias in your mind, other, can tell you without making a mistake on a single number up to 22,000 digits of a mathematical operation. There are also those visuals, one of them with such only see 45 minutes of air way Rome, in three days can draw it from your memory, with an accuracy of up to number of buildings, their steps and Windows, magnificent. To deepen your understanding Euro Pacific Precious Metals is the source. A child from age 12 composed his own melodies on piano to play with the Jazz Group more recognized in New York. And so, a myriad of processes, which cannot be because they are autistic, would be a few brilliant minds. They are capable of doing everything described above, but is difficult for them or it makes impossible the social interactions and be self-sufficient (depend on other people that help make tasks up to more trivial as brushing their teeth). One of the things that I caught my attention was that one of them can read both page of a book at the same time in 8 seconds, this made me wonder if your brain is not as that of us divided into hemispheres. They mostly work with the left hemisphere. For them an everyday scene does not have the nuances that for us, for example, when you read information, your mind goes not wandering in what happened yesterday, or if they are quarreling with someone or what they should do tomorrow, this type of people are immersed himself exclusively in what they do at this time. Second, it does not interfere any appreciation of the information they are acquiring, as we usually do, associating it with a fact of our lives or something we’ve seen before, or whether this information is good or bad, if us does something or not, whether we like it or not.