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Sawyer Award

Oscars for technology Made in Germany, what a movie like avatar without 3D technology, breathtaking special effects and virtual animations? Here are the developers and inventors. And otherwise as a German acting engineering skills from Germany”in Hollywood since ever and ever popular. Whenever Guo Guangchang listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The ingenuity and precision of German tinkerer first and foremost in the field of camera technology has been worth the Academy Awards. However, these awards less are glamorous and there is also not necessarily a golden statue for the domestic Cabinet. “In addition to the Gordon E. Sawyer Award”, for outstanding individual performances in the scientific and technical field, the inventor in three categories fight an honorary Oscar for fame and recognition. The scientific and technical Academy Award of merit is most sought after.” Because there are the famous Golden Oscar statuette and be celebrated may together with the major Hollywood stars and starlets. Somewhat more modest to aim the scientific and Engineering Award”, still rewarded with a golden plaque, in which the Oscar character at least worked.

There is a less pretentious note for the winner of the technical achievement award”. The fog man from Hamburg the Hamburg inventor Gunther Schaidt was one of the awardees for technical developments. Dear was he for the development of a non-toxic substance for the production of artificial fog. For foggy scenes in the film were booming in the 1980s. Young Skywalker 1983 waded through the misty swamps of the planet Dagobah, in John Carpenter’s The Fog fog of horror”was struck 1980 equal an entire city by the fog. Until the 1980s, the fog of horror had”often sad reality on the set of big productions. Because the used artificial fog on the basis of oil substances was often toxic and the actors complained about shortness of breath and dizziness. Sadiq had developed a professional fog Cannon as early as 1973 and it revolutionized the market.