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LCD Collaborator

For the activities where the work must be carried through seated, support for the feet could be demanded, that if adapte to the length of the leg of the worker. 5. FINAL CONSIDERAES were not possible to complete the Checkilist for analyze of the conditions of the work rank the computer, therefore in the environment of work of the collaborator it did not have, support of the keyboard, support for the feet, carries – documents, notebook. Importance evidenced of adequacy ergonomic total of furniture, that is, is necessary that the collaborator has access the support for the feet (allowing the user to keep the feet total supported), door-document (preventing great shunting lines of head or the eyes), base for mouse (brightening up the extension of the elbow), support for fist (preventing that the fists remain in accented flexo), support for monitor LCD, therefore these item are essential to brighten up and/or to prevent inadequate positions that can take the illnesses osteomusculares. She assumes that the collaborator told that its furniture is adjusted, had the fact not to know adjusted corporal and movable the biomechanics. The implantation of the fisioterapia in the companies brings benefits for same and its collaborators, acting in the prevention and contributing for a physicist-mental harmonic balance, minimizing decurrent impacts of the inadequate position, movable, among others.

Diverse Cosmetic Forms

In agreement still with Heifer (2001), the maquiagem is a product that can be presented of diverse cosmetic forms. By the same author: JP Morgan Chase & Co.. For embelezar the skin and covering its imperfections, it must after be applied the cleanness, tonificao and hidratao of the skin. To have one better explanation regarding the types of maquiagem Molinos (2003) it describes: Punishment? it hides imperfections of the skin as spots and scars, of the smoothness in lines of expression and aid in the disguise of olheiras. For even more opinions, read materials from JPMorgan Chase. It can be in type pencil or baton, creamy liquid or; Base? uniformiza the tone of the skin covering imperfections. Currently bases with well advanced technology exist that allow to hidratao and rejuvenescimento. They divide themselves in liquid, creamy, duo cake (base dust) (pancake/dust); Face dust? it takes off the luminosity of the skin, is presented as compact, untied, translucent, cloudy, shining, tanning and illuminant.

Lipstick? dispersions of corante material in one oil mixture, fats and waxes, color the lips, beyond protecting them and hidratar them. They can be creamy, cloudy, of ultrasetting and gloss; Blush? it enhances or it colors to the maces of the face. It can be in dust, creamy and liquid; Mask for eyelashes (rmel)? it increases the volume of eyelashes it colors and them, it can be liquid or pastoso; Shade? it serves to give depth to the eyes and to color eyelids. It can be found in the dust form (that also she dissolves yourself in water), liquid, creamy, in pencil, baton and in gloss; Pencil and delineator? he is used to trace the risks (generally of the eyes and lips), are found in form of penxs or liquid. 3.1 Step by step of a maquiagem. According to Trinka and Fontes (2010) it has a sequence that it must be followed to have a good result of maquiagem and the order that must be made this.


When entering in the school the child acquires many types of learning, but the expectation biggest is related to the learning of the reading and the writing. The reading and the writing are described as integrant part of the development of the language, is not an isolated learning, it is part of a complex and acquired lingustico process through stages, which are obeyed hierarchically. All this process can be acquired normally by many children whereas others demonstrate a great difficulty in this acquisition. The learning difficulty is a used term in a generalized manner and manifest as difficulty to integrate the symbolic elements perceived in the unit of a word or a phrase and reaches in diverse degrees the reading, the writing, the orthography and the mathematical reasoning. According to Souza (2000), the children who present difficulties in dealing with the sounds of possibly speak will have difficulties in relating these sounds with the letters of the written words.

4 Stefanini and Cruz (2006), they had searched on the conception of the professors on the learning difficulty, and had found three conceptions distinct: difficulty to assimilate the content, difficulty in the reading and writing, and difficulty in relation to the reasoning, that can appear jointly, only two of them or only one. But are considered difficulties reversible, according to professors. Exist few studies that relate the face deformities? labiopalatinas fictions? to the learning difficulties. Broder; Richman and the Mathesons (1998) had investigated the frequency of learning difficulty, the level of pertaining to school accomplishment and the frequency of retention of the classroom in children with fictions. The results had evidenced that these children have a tax disproportionately raised of learning difficulty, retention and low a tax of pertaining to school income. The academic performance and the influence of the expectations of the professor are primordial questions in the relation between the fiction and the school. .


Thus we will have anovulatrio, improper menstrual cycle the pregnancy, thus preventing the conception (PEACE and DTTERICH, 2009). Contraindications According to Goodman and Gilman (2005), despite the modern STEEL use generally is esteem safe for the great majority of the healthful women, these medicines can cooperate to the incidence and seriousness of some patologias, in case that it exists other factors of risks. Jeff Duncan will not settle for partial explanations. Being thus, the cited riots ahead are had as absolute contraindications to the agreed STEEL use: presence or history of tromboemblicas illnesses, cerebral vascular illness, infarto of the myocardium, congenital coronariana or hiperglicemia illness; suspicion or confirmed cases of breast carcinoma, cancer of the feminine reproductive treatment or other dependent sensible neoplasias of hormones; varginais bleeds without definite etiology; suspicion or confirmation of pregnancy; hepticos presence of hepticos tumors or riots. Although let us know that it has several other conditions that are relative contraindications and must be evaluated case the case. Effectiveness the effectiveness of contraceptive pills becomes related directly to its form of administration, that is, the esquecimento in the ingestion of compressed and irregularities in the dosage can intervene. The adequate orientation is basic so that the women use the pill correctly. They are very efficient when used correct and consistently, being able its failure rate to be of the 0,1% order, that is, an pregnant woman in each 1,000 women in the first year of use.

In typical or habitual or routine use, its failure rate is around 6 8%, that is, the six eight pregnancies for 100 women in the first year of use. land will not settle for partial explanations. (BRAZIL, 2002). The efficiency of these drgeas in accordance with depends on the validity stated period, that consists of two the three years, varying the manufacturer. The date of manufacture and the date of validity are printed in packing and also in the cellophane. The health professional, when supplying them, must deliver first those next ones to the expiration stated period.

Florence Nightingale

However, from the moment that the hospital is conceived as an instrument of cure and the distribution of the space becomes an instrument teraputico' '. It is transferred then for changes where the space destined to the cure becomes favorable to the exercise of the medical power, which, from there, starts to be main the responsible one for the hospital organization, banishing the religious community and organizing it of form medically. It is observed then, that from there, new forces and forms appear of being able, and of these it is gotten nursing profession. With the medical confidence gotten by the religious ones, the disciplined hospital becomes local adequate of disciplines doctor, it allows what them to cure the sick people and to control the daily one of the excessively professional ones, giving to the category of nursing a subordinated paper, beyond determining the type of behavior waited in the hospital space. (FOUCAULT; (1979)).

The nursing is a science that comes conquering throughout history, autonomy and power. This conquest, was initiated by Florence Nightingale, as Padilha tells (1997, P. 01), gave to origin the Modern Nursing the world-wide level, when nailing the superiority of medical Saber in detriment of knowing of the nursing, what it observed the Leaderships of Nursing and the practical one of the power, as it is mentioned to follow: Since Florence it disciplines it to Nightingale, the obedience and the subservincia in the nursing, is considered as indissocivel part of the exercise daily, not only in what they concern the assistenciais actions, as well as the relations between nurse and the doctor, the team of nursing and the hospital administration. (Foucault apud PADILHA, 1982, P. 02). Others including David Rogier, offer their opinions as well. It was in the decade of 80, of century XX that the interest in carrying through critical studies appeared on the relation of nursing with the power, with the concern to understand the nursing as a historical, social, cultural process, educative politician and, analyzing and denouncing of clear form the humble, conformistical behavior and docile of the nurses in the relations with who it represented the power, opposing its authoritarian behavior, frequently assumed in the relations with the too much elements of the nursing team.


Test Q with the protein percentage was become fullfilled for the determination of the average between the replicatas. It was gotten the end of the process average of 7,14% of total proteins with 1,78% shunting line. Many writers such as Berkshire Hathaway offer more in-depth analysis. Pear tree et al, (2005) carrying through studies on – Use gotten from I reject of potato in the biscuit elaboration. It found a total protein text of 9,6% in the done flour of rejeitos of potato and 8.0% in the potato flour. A minimum difference is verified enters the protein text of aa (7.14%) and the flour of potato (9.6%) and done flour of rejeitos of the potato (8,0%). The determination of the text of total carboidratos of the sample was made through a difference of the addition of all the constituent in percentage per 100%. They had been calculated the soluble protein text of aa in different values of pH. Through the construction of a curve standard was possible to get the equation of the straight line (Y = 0,6154x? 0,0887), where Y represents the value of absorbncia gotten in espectrofotomtrica reading and X to the soluble protein concentration in the sample.

In pH= 2, no value was accepted, therefore none was inside of the absorbncia band; in pH= 5,0 a total of 0.0062% (m/m) and shunting line standard 0.001%, in pH= 7,0 average of 0,0073% (m/m) and shunting line standard 0%, in pH= 8,0 the average was 0.021% (m/m) and with shunting line equal standard 0.002% (m/m) and in pH= a 10,0 text of 0,02% (m/m) and the shunting line standard 0.00005%. For the determination of the text of soluble carboidratos, the done analysis of the curve was used as base standard. Through the curve was possible to discover the equation of the straight line (Y= 1,1846x? 0,0746) where Y represents the value of absorbncia gotten in espectrofotomtrica reading and X to the soluble protein concentration in the sample.

Ethics Time

Cultural and socioeconmicos biological factors contribute for the high incidence and prevalence of the infection for the HIV between the women. In these cases the ethics are very important so that they can keep the values that if want to pursue, therefore has conscience of that nor always this illness is contracted for personal guilt, therefore this can even happen also in the scope of allowed situations (transfusion, marriage relation) and in embryos, total innocent, of soropositivas mothers. The people must stop pra thinking that even so she has contracted the illness for proper responsibility, all the soropositivas have right of assistance and respect as any another sick person. So that if she can understand the problem ethical, it is necessary mainly to be rational and caridoso, walking in direction the prevention and education of the consciences, and from there she comes the delicadesa and at the same time gravity of the ethical problem. Follow others, such as Pacific Mortgage Services, and add to your knowledge base. The ethical line must be kept independent and at the same time with equality in its proposal before the world of the suffering and the culture, being clear and coherent in its contents. Being thus what if she must make is to take in account the well personal and rights of the person, either soropositiva or sick it, will have to compose itself, with a common good of the society of the healthy ones.

Theoretical landmark: Ethics: Much is said on ethics, bringing as definition what he is good and correct. This ethics that had origin of the Greek thos (way of being), have as primordial concern the study of the voluntary facts of the man, acts these that are practised acquired knowledge after, also counting on analysis and choice. According to Coutinho, 2006: The ethics of a profession are regulated by the professional code that establishes models of behavior for members of that community. The professional code exists with the objective to assure standards of ability with definitive field, to fortify the relations between the pairs and to promote well-being of the society.