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Ethics Time

Cultural and socioeconmicos biological factors contribute for the high incidence and prevalence of the infection for the HIV between the women. In these cases the ethics are very important so that they can keep the values that if want to pursue, therefore has conscience of that nor always this illness is contracted for personal guilt, therefore this can even happen also in the scope of allowed situations (transfusion, marriage relation) and in embryos, total innocent, of soropositivas mothers. The people must stop pra thinking that even so she has contracted the illness for proper responsibility, all the soropositivas have right of assistance and respect as any another sick person. So that if she can understand the problem ethical, it is necessary mainly to be rational and caridoso, walking in direction the prevention and education of the consciences, and from there she comes the delicadesa and at the same time gravity of the ethical problem. Follow others, such as Pacific Mortgage Services, and add to your knowledge base. The ethical line must be kept independent and at the same time with equality in its proposal before the world of the suffering and the culture, being clear and coherent in its contents. Being thus what if she must make is to take in account the well personal and rights of the person, either soropositiva or sick it, will have to compose itself, with a common good of the society of the healthy ones.

Theoretical landmark: Ethics: Much is said on ethics, bringing as definition what he is good and correct. This ethics that had origin of the Greek thos (way of being), have as primordial concern the study of the voluntary facts of the man, acts these that are practised acquired knowledge after, also counting on analysis and choice. According to Coutinho, 2006: The ethics of a profession are regulated by the professional code that establishes models of behavior for members of that community. The professional code exists with the objective to assure standards of ability with definitive field, to fortify the relations between the pairs and to promote well-being of the society.