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Wearing Highheeled Shoes

Small doohickey of wearing shoes: the new shoes always cheap christian louboutin high heels shoes grind feet, sometimes even the expensive famous shoes, such word is very upset.Here teach you a few small doohickey to highlight the boring fashion high heels shoes of new shoes grinding feet, or pinching.The mostly be ginded by the new shoes are the two places, one is heel, another is outside big toe. 1 Using to wrap up the grinding part of shoes with wet towel a few minutes, then wrap up the place which presses against foot fashion high heels shoes with dry towel, knocking the place several times with a hammer, to make the part of shoes cheap christian louboutin high heels shoes grinding flat feet which, in order to mak the shoe cortices soft, then it won’t grind foot t. Taking a piece of newspaper, molded into a ball, touch a little water, not too wet, but the whole regiment should touchs the water, then taking a dry newspaper wrap up the wet newspaper, fill in the crowded foot part, and then put fashion high heels shoes the shoes seal in a plastic bag, overnight, it is ok. If the new shoes is too small and pinching, you might use wet towel to make the part wet, then use wedges to make it big, it will fit for your feet.Taking a piece of soap (candle in peacetime can also used) to wipe a thin on the place where heel cheap christian louboutin high heels shoes contacts with mostly before shoes shoes are put on, will become smooth and heels no longer grind feet.There s another way is to protect feet.It is to blow shoes with blower, wearing up immediately when the shoes were blowed softly..