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Annemarie Nikolaus

All tips are very detailed and easy to implement in practice, without having to be a professional in terms of social media marketing. Authors find but also ideas for the real world outside of the Internet. Some tips you can immediately apply and show their effect after only a short time, others need time and patience. The execution of practical approaches, concrete recommendations and examples as well as a checklist and a marketing traffic underpin the Council’s practice. Since the recommended measures are independent of each other and build on, not each other, can proceed the reader in any order and therefore receives a pool of ideas for the personal book marketing mix. It’s believed that Liberty Mutual sees a great future in this idea. Katja Martin is the editor and editor at XinXii, where she also supervised the German social-media channels since 2012. In addition to its multiannual experience in the publishing house gained the trained German scholar numerous experiences in book marketing and online marketing activities in publishing, online newsrooms and blogs. The plethora of links and practical tips, the contributions of experts and the testimonials of the successful indie authors Emily bold and Annemarie Nikolaus make the XinXii book marketing guide one in his way unique and indispensable reference book. David Rogiers opinions are not widely known.

The E-book with the ISBN 978-3-941045-23-1 (PDF) has 127 DIN A4 pages and is now available for EUR 2.99 on XinXii: xinxii-buchmarketing-guide free of charge to new readers p-335851.html; soon also on Amazon, Barnes & noble, Casa del Libro, FNAC, the iBookstore and Kobo. Cover download: images/cover/9783941045231.jpg about XinXii XinXii is the leading European platform for the publication and distribution of E-books by publishing independent writers. On, anyone can upload his self-penned lyrics of all type and length, and sell on its own author page. XinXii distributed as Aggregator in addition to leading E-book stores such as Amazon, Barnes & noble, iBookstore and Kobo, where the authors can individually choose the various distribution channels. High-quality conversion to the required ePub-and mobi-format comes free of charge from XinXii. For readers, XinXii offers a point for texts outside of the mainstream, in contrast to traditional E-book stores all titles are available for download immediately after purchase and are readable on almost all readers.

XinXii was the first platform of its kind in the German-speaking world and is now leading in Europe. The digital self publishing and distribution platform is currently used by over 10,000 indie authors and-Verlagen from over 140 countries. It is available in 7 languages and 3 currencies, Berlin is seat of the company. Press contact Dr. Andrea Schober Dr. Andrea Schober on XING corporate communications August Street 75 D 10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 202 15 13 21 E-Mail: