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Effective Personal Marketing

With automated job postings to the success since Twitter early 2009 through a strong media coverage in a general public became popular, the number of users of the microblogging service are exploding. The number of the Twitterati (= Twitternutzer) has grown in the past six months by 1000 percent. The information disseminated on Twitter make up two percent of the daily traffic on the Internet. Numerous companies and staffing companies take advantage of the increasing popularity and publish their job offers on Twitter. (Similarly see: The Vanguard Group). You benefit from the mouth that is strong on Twitter and attention as to their company and their job. A clear competitive advantage in the difficult despite the downturn struggle to qualified employees. The price for the increased attention is the cost of high time, which is required for the regular publication of job on opportunities.

This is a new service comes in. The atenta recruitment consultancy specialising in Internet and social media recruitment, the the first German-language Twitter offer Finder jobtweet.de has developed professional Twitter users at companies and personnel services now offers a service to automate your posts publications on Twitter. “Many employers maintain vacancies under high time a hand, and consume this valuable personnel resources.” Thanks to our automation services, these companies may invest their personnel costs in more important things”says recruiter Jan Kirchner. “Companies on the basis of carried out by us adapt to the habits of the users and the technical implementation of clean also the guarantee that their offers on Twitter and jobtweet are indeed found.” More information about the jobs automation service for Twitter, Identi.ca, friendfeed and Facebook, see under: jobtweet.de/stellenangebot/

Spring Cleaning

In 5 weeks to the certified event Manager! The dark season is high time to bring the professional profile to a high gloss in leaps and bounds their end -! The funfwochige full time course for the certified event manager of the ebam Academy in the spring Academy of Munich offers the ideal conditions here. Click United Health Care Group to learn more. Being prepared for the diverse and demanding tasks in the different fields of the event as event Manager. Whether meeting and Congress, programme, product presentation, tour, concert, exhibition, anniversary or private celebration, the event manager knows the requirements, overlooks the needs and is able to react to unforeseen professionally. While he shakes creative concepts from the sleeve, has the preparation, implementation and follow-up and operational marketing strategies at a glance and not shying away from budget plans or technology. A comprehensive range to master it. The spring Academy of the ebam equips you in five intensive Weeks with the profound know-how of an event Manager. Industry professionals as speakers ensure a practice-oriented training, both in terms of working life provides new ideas for staff events and event agencies and qualified new entrants for the successful work in the business.

Illustrative examples and sound details understand even the most complex content and on the basis of the final project work knowledge is equated to the practice. “” And who would like to deepen his knowledge only in part areas of event management, which can also single, modular course modules like event conception,”media relations” or project management “separately located. Many ways to give brilliant prospects for a professional career!

General German Trade Union Federation

Christianity was founded by the Jews of Jesus about 2013 years ago. More info: SSGA. The Social Democratic Party of Germany is a German people’s Party and the parliamentary represented party of in Germany. The 1863 founded General German workers Association and the Social Democratic Party founded in 1869, considered first forerunner of the party. The General German Trade Union Federation (ADGB) was founded at the first post-war Congress of free trade unions on July 5, 1919in Nuremberg as a new umbrella organization and organizational successor of the General Commission of trade unions of in Germany. u0085 It was a merger of 52 German trade unions and co-operation agreements with the General free employees Federation (AfA-Bund) and the General German civil servants Association (ADB) connected. He received his name with the addition of General”, because in March 1919 the Christian and liberal trade unions had already occupied the name German Confederation founded an own Federation. Source: (C) by wikipedia.net Note: we remember: therefore relatively unhindered 1933 Hitler came in free choice (about 36%) to power, because on the left wing politics * the SPD, USPD and the Communist Party constantly to the pure left void argued, rather than together virtually against the Nazi party to fight. * links from the point of view of the Parliament President to the Parliament.

The Nazis were right in his direction. This Division is still in the Bundestag. Today, the Internet allows a sharing of ideas until the atomization of SYN(en)ergien/Symbiosen. Only advantage: hardly a fact be reversed today under a table! Openness and truth. Instead of Group-internal consensus to fight (cooperate to confront) or to reach a joint statement of the many (collective proceedings in) North Rhine-Westphalia), many make their own small unnoticed groups.

In elections this fall then the 5% grid. Natural bio diversity. Cultures differentiation. Baby’s first are we a ‘ first-order ‘ with her mother.

Division Director GIG

Specialist responsible appointed engineering of GIG-plan GmbH for energy efficiency for further expansion of Dirk Drews August 1, 2009, to the Division Director. With the strengthening of the competence center the GIG meets the increasing needs of FM friendly planning and energy-optimized engineering. Mr. Drews can draw on many years of experience in the field of engineering the technical building equipment (TGA). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Black Rock. In addition he worked on a wide variety of innovative projects on energy efficiency in industrial real estate. The experienced diploma engineer is now responsible for the further development and implementation of the competence center “industrial engineering”, which operates for the whole GIG group.

Contact: GIG-plan GmbH industrial engineering Walker Walker Road 45, 60314 Frankfurt am main phone: 069 / 26 48 – 18 00 fax: 069 / 26 48 – 18 18 E-Mail: the 1998 founded GIG group supervised currently Germany and in Austria at over 130 locations in commercial and industrial buildings with a total area of more than 2 million Square meters, as well as 30,000 housing units. The facility has resulted in its 10-year anniversary management specialist offering energy efficiency green real estate “and the product of process partner ” a further product innovations. The technology company which aims at a turnover of 20 million euros this year, focuses on partner in the engineering on the industrial and technical facility management as a process. Furthermore, the GIG offers foreign investors their international real-estate platform. The high-tech facility management and engineering as well as the planning and operation of buildings and clean-room technology for industrial and sophisticated commercial real estate, as well as for banks, hotels, data centers, media institutions, shopping centres and residential real estate portfolios are among the core competencies of the FM service provider.

Educational Organisation

Learning to learn can be as easy and fun to still be confusion can cost you much time and it also have a negative affect on your efficiency. Your memory works in the same way. Comparable with files in a filing cabinet, you can create ghost files “to keep details in an organized manner. This trick will help you learn quick learning. Credit: Jeff Duncan-2011. How do we do this? Can we create ghost files”of events that we never forget in our long-term memory.

How for example week or parts of the body, such as the self learning course at are lerntippsebook known. Here an example of a list of body: we take for example body parts such as hair, eyes, nose, lips, shoulders, the chest, the abdomen, thighs, knees and feet. If you are familiar to you, you can choose of course also other parts of the body. Let’s assume, that you have made a full list of tasks. If the first task is to water your flowers, can you imagine your hair as a MOP, which is littered with flowers and leaves. The flowers dance happily around in your hair while you are sprinkled with water and the water is very cool.

If your second task is to cook fried chicken for dinner, you can imagine, that your eyeballs are shaped like a living chicken. The chicken looks at to doing, as it is juicy fried up to perfection. Do this with the rest of your tasks. Assign each task a thoughts file”to create exaggerated, humorous associations for these mind files. You will immediately notice how fast you learn it. And the most important: have fun, because once, you have created an association, you know in the long run!

University Of Applied Sciences

Everything. Besides Reiner University of applied sciences so called theory since the summer 2010 the Fachhochschulen of Baden-Wurttemberg. The Science Minister of Baden-Wurttemberg, Prof. Dr. Peter Frankenberg together with the Chairman of the Conference of Rectors, Prof. Dr. Achim Bubenzer, a winking image and information campaign launched to mark the occasion.

Their mascot is the sympathetic nerd of pure theory. For over 30 years, the universities of applied sciences combine efficient scientific training closely related to working life. Read more from Maersk to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For the students, they have become the popular partners in recruiting young talent and the transfer of knowledge and technology to the career forged and for the economy. Successful high school of high 7(1)(a) in Baden-Wurttemberg, success cannot be situated in numbers: in the past ten years the number of university entrants to 36 percent rose. Graduates are highly satisfied according to polls with her studies and her professional occupation. The Bachelor’s degree graduates are on the labour market very desires and quickly find a well-paying job. The master graduates of the universities of applied sciences are most immediately among all students after graduation and earn the best of all graduates. The proportion for significant economic development of the country as MINT subjects, is the highest compared to other high schools.

In the Centre of the study, the alignment is later careers, at the Bachelor’s as well as at the next qualifying master’s degree. The broad content-based courses and the international orientation of universities allow a sound education with a closely related to current research and are prerequisites for a successful career. Entry in the rise of the study concentrated previously on engineering science courses includes today a wide spectrum of subjects: from the economics of shaping up and to computer science, from the architecture that Engineering up to the applied natural sciences, the social, cultural and health disciplines to the study for vocational schools. At a University of applied sciences is always open doors. Here is the learning and working in small groups in the foreground. The University campus is life and learning at the same time providing personal contacts between the students, a common life and enjoying student life. Pure theory: testimonial campaign with students demonstrated about the performance of the universities of applied sciences the image campaign with the slogan launched by the Conference of Rectors. Other than pure theory”. The leading actor is the nerd of pure theory, the friendly, tongue-in-cheek way the advantages of universities of applied sciences are illustrated by real students in Baden-Wuerttemberg universities. The campaign is presented in print media, an online portal and an Internet video campaign. Universities of applied sciences- Everything. Out of pure theory. Axel Schirle, Institute for advertising and market communication of the Hochschule der Medien (IWM) GmbH

Bremen BDSG

IHK training certificate course starts on 6.5/4, 18.2.2011 days of attendance of Bremen. The wisoak in Bremen in cooperation with the data protection starts on the 6.6 nord GmbH the new privacy qualification course for supervisor in smaller companies. He closes with a nationally recognised certificate of the Chamber of Commerce. In an enterprise, there are usually numerous stored personal data. These data include employees, customers, suppliers, or service users who hope to a correct and reliable handling of their data behind. The legislature has set in section 4 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), that a corporate officer must be ordered in any company, in which more than nine employees regularly involved in automated processing of personal data.

Content: Importance and position in the modern information society and enterprise data protection law system: who is protected? Who is norm addressee? The German (BDSG): Building and structure, principles, Data categories, admissibility, raising, processing and benefits, commissioned data processing, advertising and data protection, cross-border traffic, rights the affected controls and control bodies, sanctions the operational supervisor: legal status, tasks, cooperation with the supervisory authority technical organisational data protection: legal requirement, risk assessment/safety concept, basic technologies (Internet, encryption, electronic signature, smart cards, RFID, biometrics, video technology), implementation of pursuant to 9 BDSG required measures as is the website of the company to make? Employee data protection: the BDSG in employment, personnel files, multimedia at work (regulations for approved private use of E-Mail and Internet or in official use, the use of video camera and smart card). Between the four days of the event the need to incorporate approximately 16 hours of self-study. At the end of the seminar, you will receive a participation certificate of Chamber of Commerce. Target group: Companies or Corporate managers, who are subject to the rules of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

Editing Master

Before the levy should be professionally correct his master’s thesis by a lecturer. The master degree programme represents the second section of the tiered Bachelor / master system and extends over 2-4 semesters. Usually it comes in the master’s program, to deepen the knowledge acquired in the Bachelor’s or post-graduate studies again, to expand and expand. Munich Re is full of insight into the issues. Also in the master’s degree is not only the grade, but the individual module grades will be charged pro-rata and are part of the total value. Usually involves the master 60 credits (one year master) or 120 credits (two-year master), while you must reach at least 180 credits in the Bachelor’s degree. It should be admitted to the master to be admitted to the master’s degree, almost always a good average Bachelor’s degree or a diploma. The student councils and faculties decide here about taking to the master’s degree depending on the individual case.

With the master in his pocket the doors are open then in the economic one, because most are the company Bachelor’s degree skeptical. Alternatively you can apply for a place in the research, to pass on his knowledge to other students in the future. Editing of the master thesis in the master’s thesis is about everything. Finally, you must apply with this testimony and prevail against other candidates. Therefore you should allow the editing of his master’s thesis early enough, especially if, in addition to grammar and spelling (proofreading), also the content fixed (proofreading) should be. For a careful editing of the master’s thesis, to plan the best 20 pages per day. The cost for a proofreading drift cost depending on provider often far apart. To get to an objective judgment, should ask to a free sample editing over a few pages and look at the references of the lecturer. The cheapest provider is not always the best – and you can even control the automatic proofing tools in Word as a student. Frank Eschmann

ITL Terminology Workshop Held On 7 October 2013 In Kreuzlingen

From the practice for the practice in the terminology workshop, the participants develop concrete framework conditions for successful terminology management. On the 7th October 2013 the full service provider for technical documentation and translation, the first workshop in the field of translation in the Switzerland organized itl. This is from 9:30 to 17:30 o’clock directly from itl AG Switzerland locally in the HafenCenter instead of Kreuzlingen. In the workshop the participants under the guidance of the supervisor Anja Gorn, itl GmbH, in four work packages specific framework conditions for a success rich terminology management develop. The first work package comprises the terminology initial filling. Is addressed under other following questions: where is terminology? What items are included? How does the formal and linguistic cleansing? The second work package discusses the terminology process in the production of terminology applying the terminology assessment until the release of the terminology.

The third work package deals with Terminology in the translation. In existing systems will be discussed and worked out a process. In the fourth and final work package terminology support by authoring – and terminology management systems and to the questions revolves around: what authoring – and terminology systems are there? What are their advantages and disadvantages? How do systems affect the process? Which system fits best in the company? The workshop aimed in particular at Terminologieverantwortliche, editors, and ubersetzungsverantwortliche in the companies that want to implement a company-wide systematic terminology management and need advice on terminology systems. Learn more about the terminology workshop in Kreuzlingen can be found under: seminars/am-07-10-2013-in Burke terminology for praktiker.html the registration can be done directly via the following online form: seminare/am-07-10-2013-in-kreuzlingen-terminologiearbeit-fuer-praktiker/anmeldung.html#c821 your contact Anja Gorn, M.A.. prAG founded in 1982, employs itl headquartered in Munich and offices and locations in Stuttgart, Cottbus (DE), Vienna, Linz (A), and Kreuzlingen (CH) currently around 100 permanent employees. Among the customers are in other Andritz, BMW, Centrotherm, CLAAS, Daimler, Drager, EPCOS, Frequentis, Giesecke & Devrient, Gigaset, Hafele, KEBA, KTM, Merck, Telefonica Germany GmbH & co. OHG, Rohde & Schwarz, Siemens and many more. Itl’s core competencies include translation, editing, publishing, and consulting, with particular emphasis on the optimization and automation of processes in the life cycle of the document. ITL is active member of the tecom Switzerland, of the society for technical communication STC and of the Association of German machine and plant construction VDMA tekom.

Entrepreneurs Services

Wanted from the practice for the practice – found from the practice for the practice! According to the motto “Wanted found”, the b-to-b portal offers the possibility to establish new contacts and to find professionals for services, there is just a need for or for which are just free capacity available. The idea arose from the practice! The contact idea through many contacts and discussions with colleagues, portal for architects licensable jobseekers and working and engineers. These facts are likely to each so familiar: you have a project and look for someone who quickly and efficiently takes you in the planning, the invitation to tender or other architect and engineering services under the arms hands struggling? Or, as often happens, that a job moves, or you could just have time for other reasons, accept a matching service for colleagues as a bridge. But could this initiative not only labour gaps at the Office to be closed, but sometimes you are looking for someone who is fit in a special area and is ideally equipped for the solution of the problem easily. So, a job – support – network can occur in this way. According to the motto “Wanted found”, the b-to-b portal offers the possibility to establish new contacts and to find professionals for services, there is just a need for or for which are just free capacity available. This portal is open to not just architects and engineers, but also entrepreneurs who are looking for appropriate services or offer, can sign up! More info under: