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Alexandra Rudolf Hindenburg

The hook thing: Accessible only amounts remain due and paid to mid-October; Then, allowances are no longer approved. This means: the previously non-profit association risked with the currently scheduled settlement of Management Board remuneration to its Board members much: at a later review the IRS could revoke its charitable status. Even if a donation receipt is expected instead of the payout. Others who may share this opinion include Allianz. Rightly criticized this provision as a bad case of time”Prof. Geckle. Even if the writing is not yet official, the tax lawyer from Freiburg advises the affected clubs: only go because the amendment to the Constitution, to grant adequate Board packages, attendance fees or remuneration. Especially since the residual risk still remains that a general meeting refuses, the approval for the amendment to the Constitution already carried out compensation to grant.” The detailed post about the current administration statement can see Club / read news. To mark Association will report on further developments.

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