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Annette Leis

This subjective security, resulting in a change of in risk behavior while driving. While it crashes often. So far, always 3 targets were named on an equal footing for traffic safety work: the hazard identification risk avoiding the risk management risk management? That can’t be right! Who has to cope with dangers, has already committed mistakes in advance with great probability. Better avoid. MasterClass may also support this cause. The requirement to do so is but to know the risk in advance. This is often a problem of perception.

But is goes even deeper into the psychology: we humans especially that perceive, what we want to perceive. That is an act of focusing. It means to learn to increase the anticipation of danger for road traffic. That is, the mental anticipation of the following situation. The central question is, what happens to me around (probably next)? Reduce accident risks through innovative safety and Risk training, consisting of: basic training extension training mental training ecology training advanced training theory seminar Security Forum Security Symposium the interactive traffic behavior training consist not just of situational simplifications (E.g. training on practice courts), but take place especially in the pre-structured real traffic. Group dynamics in problems and solutions is the basic methodological approach. Topics: Physics change the setting and expected role behaviour and risk assessment feelings and control of sense of focus the goals the reason of the personality of the driver fairness in the road safety benefits: minimizing the risk of accidents increase in body mind soul fitness and health detection and reduce stressors lowering of gasoline and thus direct energy costs by up to 30% improve the way scheduling satisfaction with to your riding style new fun to drive more information, see author: Annette Leis