Steel Table Frame

\”Old new join stainless, the old dining table is table support structures to the trendy design object individually orderable table legs and everyone to the table designer can now table substructures made of stainless steel, specially manufactured according to the specifications of the customer,\” are old and new tabletops visually change and enhance. As it now stands: the old table of wooden, you got perhaps inherited or donated or bought years ago, which optically not more like one, because he simply does not fit the otherwise modern furnishings to the rest. Whether it now on stains, scratches or other signs of age\”, or most of the time the decision in this case is the fact that the appearance of the simple wooden table simply no longer like: the old table must go, must find a new! And although we us fresh wind of the new model\”hope for in your own four walls, all are often nostalgic memories of the old heirloom, or at the table, large and small events of family has experienced. But if you want a table in the new and modern design, must be from the table with sentimental value separated, or? \”For the convenience of all: the answer is clearly: no\”. With new legs and table bases in brushed stainless steel, the decision must be made no longer between new or old, because both of these attributes can be combined wonderfully with each other. Show the most diverse pieces of furniture in the so-called style mix \”, the last during the years at the furniture fairs and dealers to true blockbusters\” are promoted. Often this old oak or teak wood is combined with stainless steel, resulting in an intense composition, which becomes an eye-catcher in every room. And just dining tables, where an old, solid wood table top is combined with a structure made of stainless steel, are very much in demand. Because such tables tell their own story: every crack, every Knothole and any color change reported the natural grain of the previous purpose and perhaps even by wind and weather.