Spring Cleaning – Everything To The Cleaners!

Exhaust gases fall HDT-Symposium “Exhaust gas purification” on 06-May 07, 2010 with a visit to a thermal combustion with dust at the EVONIK Goldschmidt in many procedural processes. They contain undesirable solid, liquid or gaseous components. Removing these components of the exhaust gas is required for reasons of immission protection and litigation. There is a number of techniques available for this task. In the event of “Flue gas cleaning processes”, thermal and biological processes and process combinations is carried out via the main emission process, like dedusting method, absorptive and adsorptive processes, catalytic and non-catalytic process.

The Conference offered by the Haus der Technik in Essen on 06-May 07, 2010 and has a further focal point in the deposition of potentially explosive dusts in the dedusting process. Dry and wet process for the separation of sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride are compared. The differences between catalytic and describes as not catalytic denitrification as the suitability of the emission reduction process to remove organic exhaust gas components. s Dallas. Each chapter covers theory, models and practical examples in a balanced ratio. Speaks about the legal requirements that exist in the form of limits.

There is sufficient time for discussions and questions. Following the presentations, a visit to a thermal combustion with dust at the EVONIK Goldschmidt in food is provided..