Special Brown

Intense light dazzles the eyes that make eyes is through A contraction of the pupil on different brightnesses. In very bright environments, the eye but will appear and can no longer regard regardless of the vision. 2. According to what criteria do I choose a pair of sunglasses, which is right for me? A must for any Sunglasses: UV-protection CE mark and UV 400 “the main criterion for any sunglasses is a good UV protection. Tinted sunglasses without a suitable UV protection are dangerous. To read more click here: Markets Economy. The blackout extends the pupil and cause even more radiation in the eye.

When choosing the sunglasses, it is crucial that it is provided with the CE sign. The CE mark ensures that the sunglasses complies with the essential safety requirements of the European directives. This directive guarantees 100% UV protection”for UV radiation with wavelengths up to 380 nm. After the harmful rays but have a wavelength up to 400 nm, sunglasses with UV 400 should “be identified. This is the clue that they Rays with an indices filters out up to 400 nm. Tip: The CE mark nor UV 400 “are checked by an instance and can thus easily be faked.

Who wants to make sure can check the UV protection its sunglasses by the optometrist. The proper glass colour and colour intensity for optimum anti-glare protection the color of glasses and their respective level of tint determine how much light the glass filter and the glare protection for the eyes. Adapted to the environment and the activity optimize the glasses so the view. Brown, grey and green lenses exhibit a degree of tinting highest glare control up to 95% absorption of light and distort the colors of the environment the least. For all other colors, such as blue, red and yellow, the eye takes a habituation time to partially neutralize the colors. Special Brown tints offer additional protection against blue light by a high yellow content and increase the contrast at the same time.