South Gippsland

Ulladulla: (Wollongong Ulladulla approx. 165 km) this small place it is still noticeably to note that it was founded by Italian immigrants. You should definitely make your way to the Warden Head Lighthouse, since one of this Lighthouse enjoy wonderful views. Bega: (Ulladulla Bega 95 km) this city is strongly affected by agriculture (dairy). You should in any case make small detours through the beautiful surrounding countryside and Bega yourself try fresh agricultural products. Croajingolong (National Park) at Mallacoota: (Bega Mallacoota about 110 km) this coastal National Park has a varied and impressive coastal scenery.

Secluded beaches and cliffs formations alternating and offer wonderful photo motifs. Lake entrance: (Mallacoota Lake entrance approx. 215 km) at the entrance of the Lake the Great Lakes of region have their only opening to the sea. This region is characterized by beautiful views and beaches. On the weekends and in the Australian holidays you but not alone will be in this area because it is one of the most popular excursion areas in the Australians in this region.

Bairnsdale: (Lake entrance Bairnsdale: approx. 38 km) this city is dominated by cattle breeding, as well as tourist traffic. Near the town are the Mitchell River and Lake King. Locals will describe handle these as Victoria’s most beautiful river valleys. Sale: (Bairnsdale Sale approx. 75 km) this city is the capital of the Gippsland region. You should obtain additional information about the environment on all cases in travel guides and tourist information site. Tidal river: (sale Tidal River approximately 58 km) this Capital located in Wilsons Promontory National Park offers spacious park lodgings and a visitor center. He should be for all of the route description, who want to live like to deep forests, deserted coastlines and natural. You can reach this place of foster and the South Gippsland highway. The final stage of tidal river to Melbourne is approximately 250 km (route variations!).