South Germany

The type HF 90 impresses with excellent thermal insulation. At a depth of 90 mm, reaches the window a U-value of 0.7 W / mk, and thus is suitable for use in a passive house. Special requirements for sound insulation HF 72 is the optimal model. Due to the great depths, it can record sound insulation glazing and sound insulation values up to 45dB. All-rounder is the RF 68 wooden Windows in terms of design and best seller at Gugel feet. Whether classical, modern or traditional: wing covers, mouldings and sprouts can be individually selected and allow too much latitude. For all window types, the rule-air fan approved according to the EnEV is offered optionally. It ensures controlled air exchange and feel-good climate in the Interior of the House.

The wooden window profiles are the species of pine, Pine, Meranti, Idigbo, Oregon, larch, Oak to choose. All wishes can be fulfilled in the colours: warm wood natural shades, opaque colours up to different colors in the frame and wing area or on the outside – and side room can easily be realised. Longevity and high weather protection arise thanks to the multi-tiered color design according to the latest findings. The surfaces of wooden Windows of Gugel feet are also connected intricately crafted. About crazyiness foot GmbH, Elchinger crazyiness foot GmbH is a leading manufacturer of Windows and doors in South Germany. Nationwide four locations, the company manufactures Windows and doors from wood, plastic, aluminium and wood-aluminium with around 180 employees. High quality front doors in numerous designs, as well as thermal insulating plastic window for low-energy and passive houses are among the leading products. More information is available at the GmbH foot of crazyiness, Glockeraustr. 18-20, 89275 Elchingen 2, Phone: (07308) 815-0, telefax: (07308) 815-500 or in the Internet at Tanja Est