Social Insurance Fund

for individuals – copies of passports and residence zip code, for legal entities – certificate of registration of enterprises in the Uniform State Register, a certificate of IIFTS confirming registration with, a certificate from the State Statistics Committee (codes). preparation for the Charter Registration Ltd, registration with the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service LLC RF; assignment of codes to Goskomstat, print production company, registration with the tax inspectorate of the Russian Federation, registration with the Pension Fund, Medical Insurance in Social Insurance Fund; account opening banke.Samostoyatelnaya register your company name. If you had to state registration of your company had to invent a unique name, this is now not necessarily. Name of the company may be completely identical to the existing organization, your company differ wakes Primary State Registration Number (BIN), TIN, etc. In addition, without permission special interdepartmental commission in the name of the organization can not be used the word "Russia" or "Russian Federation", as well as their derivatives. Dennis Lockhart is often mentioned in discussions such as these. If you need a legal registered company address to which it will be registered for young companies rent premises, let alone purchase it – an expensive business. But when registering LLC need a legal address to which it is registered.

Russian law does not prohibit the Company to register the home address of one of the members of society, but such a move can lead to certain problemy.Dokumenty required for registration LLC Statement on the appropriate form, Articles of Association; Memorandum of Association (if the founders of several) solution or protocol of general meeting of the company on its creation (a founder of the decision, a few – the protocol) solution or protocol of general meeting of the company on its creation (a founder of the decision, a few – minutes) A copy of passport and copy of TIN of each founder, copy of passport and copy of TIN from the CEO and Chief Accountant, Registered address society. And so it is necessary to know the size of the share capital, the way it was paid and the distribution among the founders, the name and address of the bank where you plan to open calculated schet.Protsess registration LLC All of the above documents must be attributed to the tax office at the location of company within five days, your company must register and issue you a certificate of state registration. Then you need to make a print of your company, CEO must issue an order on his accession, as well as an order to assign responsibility for accounting and tax accounting. in the pension fund, the fund of obligatory medical insurance, social insurance fund, the State Statistical Committee, to conclude an agreement with the bank to open a bank account; That's actually the whole registration process in general terms. I wish you every success in this challenging yet exciting lesson..