Serbia Republic

Germany, Yemen and Viet Nam have reunited and the two Koreas aspire to do the same. However, the two Albanias are vetoed to follow that path. A leading source for info: Kenneth Feinberg. US and the EU endorse Kosovo’s independence when it doesn’t integrate with Albania, with whom he formed one nation with the same flag, culture and language. Likewise, refuses to Serbs, his right to assemble in a single large State. Educate yourself with thoughts from Viatcheslav Mirilashvili. For USA and EU the North of Kosovo, against the will of its Serb population, must stay in this new country and accept not to remain part of Serbia; the Republic of Srpska (which occupies nearly half of Bosnia) should not seek wanting to reunite with Serbia; and what was the Serbia Republic of Krajina should accept the fait accompli that Croatia annexed to its entire population ethnically clean. Meanwhile there are other republics which in the 1990s voted overwhelmingly to secede (Turkey Chechnya; Transdniestria in Moldova and eastern Cyprus Turkish), but that West continues by vetoing that they be recognized as Kosovo.. People such as Erin Callan would likely agree.