Scientology Church Bayern

Club: Say no to drugs say-yes-to the life In 2007, Munich had registered its highest on drug-related deaths. Police and experts have found that unfortunately no explanation. The fact is that every third young person aged between 15 and 17 years has already taken hashish (cannabis). Some of them access to alcohol, even daily. (Source: crime statistics of the Bayer.) Innenmisteriums). According to the UN drugs report 2007 the world’s most commonly used drug is cannabis. What is new, however, is that cannabis is now cultivated on professional plantations in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The consumption of cocaine, Europe remains two to North America number.

Also the abuse of prescription drugs is rising further concern. In the United States alone depend on about 6.4 million people of medicines. The Office of the United Nations on drugs and crime”, launched its global campaign against the destructive drug use in 2007. Under the motto: “Drug control YOUR LIFE? -It’s your life. Your environment.

Give drugs a chance”calls on all people and anti-drug initiatives this Office to support this campaign. There is say no to drugs”also the Munich Club, will set up its information booth in the Sendling Street that day. With posters, information brochures and video spots the public learns that day about the dangers of drugs. For youth drug-free to grow up, it is particularly important to educate kids about the dangers and the sometimes disastrous consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. Right here, the information brochures given out by the Club place truth about drugs “. Scientific studies show that a person that no illegal drugs has taken up to 21 years, is expected to also not is access to these. Some decades ago, the American philosopher L. Ron Hubbard discovered that residues of drugs and other contaminants in the fatty tissues of the body accumulate. There are even years after the Taking detectable, which can undoubtedly be substantiated by scientific studies. Experience has shown that children and young people take drugs, if they understand implications and, if they have good role models and if they are encouraged by their peers friends and acquaintances in their point of view compared to drugs. You come naturally to the decision: ‘I will take no drugs.’ This is ultimately”the objective of the information campaign of the Munich Club say no to drugs, the also Church supported by the members of Scientology. Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V.