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A Rosenthal vase of series flux is 39,-euros on the gift Portal As at many other gifts on, it is also possible to inform Rosenthal tableware and vases on several persons as a single gift. Alternatively the porcelain articles directly in the request can be purchased boutique shop. Wish boutique GmbH contact phone +49(0)89-38900160 Internet / / the Rosenthal brand tradition paired with avant-garde, this is the principle of this leading global company. Before 125 founded the company in Upper Franconia by Philipp Rosenthal porcelain painting Philipp Rosenthal & co.

OHG. In 1910, Rosenthal founded the art Department of decorative porcelain, 1908 acquires Rosenthal porcelain factory and Mark Thomas, which was founded in 1904 in Marktredwitz and today represents its own product line in the range of Rosenthal, 1931 in transatlantic license with Walt Disney 6 Mickey Mouse figures. The present plant was established through different stages and restructuring. 1965 was the single name “Rosenthal glass & porcelain AG” elected and shortened to “Rosenthal AG” in 1969. Today the name Rosenthal is among the leading providers of a contemporary table and home decor and is a synonym for contemporary design, art, porcelain, glass, and more: Rosenthal stands for luxury, lifestyle and a very special aesthetic or simply for products that are impossible to imagine life from sophisticated table culture and contemporary interior.

Company Description desire boutique is the popular party for wedding gifts and modern wedding table online. Diverse, ranging from fine brands for the budget over art objects to donate to charities. Even honeymoon packages can be selected as a wedding gift! Brides and grooms can create simple, convenient, and free their gift wish lists and coordinate. A huge advantage over the classic wedding table in the retail sector is the possibility that here also several people can share a gift. This is mainly for expensive wedding gifts from advantage. Wish boutique takes care of the rest. All gifts arrive uniformly beautifully packed in a show at the newly wed bride and groom. Since the beginning of 2009 by the entrepreneurial pair Jemma and Sascha Klengel, has the gift and wedding online portal request boutique continuously grown and currently 11 employees. The product portfolio includes more than 50 brands from different fields. Company contact: wish boutique GmbH Christian of Walter Amalienstrasse 34 80799 Munich Tel: 089 38900160 E-Mail: Web: