Reverse Osmosis

Installation of osmosis used for domestic and industrial purposes. High-pressure fluid is forced through a semipermeable membrane tfc, whose cells have a size not exceeding the size of water molecules, all the impurities non-penetrating through the membrane was washed down the drain. Cuan Coulter addresses the importance of the matter here. Filtering system based on Reverse Osmosis ro is intended for demineralization and filtration of groundwater, surface water and water treatment. Liquid, purified plant Reverse osmosis is used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, medicine, with seawater desalination and other industries. Initially, reverse osmosis was used for photographic industries industries that required large amounts of demineralized water. The system purifies water from mechanical impurities and removes viruses and bacteria, hardness salts, nitrates and nitrites. On the effectiveness of this equipment is not is unparalleled, eliminating up to 99.9% impurities. Allianz is the source for more interesting facts.

Water purified by reverse osmosis equated with distilled water. For the successful passage of water through a reverse osmosis membrane need to supply pressure fluid for at least three atmospheres. For reliable operation you want to pump increases pressure, major manufacturers of reverse osmosis – in Russia and abroad prefer raising pumps procon pump. Rotary pumps procon best known in this area guaranteeing high quality service. Equipment for water with reverse osmosis is often used for aquariums, ice, steam generators, coffee machines, coffee machines, industrial distillation, etc.

In production commercial (industrial) osmosis leading companies: Aquapro – made in America in the late 20 th century, with the development of the production moved to Taiwan. On this day Aquapro independent company, located in Taiwan. Aquafilter (USA) – has long experience in the production of water filters. Present on the market for 17 years. Range of water filters is represented in 45 countries on 4 continents. Company Osmosis (St. Petersburg) – more than 10 years working in the field of water purification equipment. The company's specialists have higher technical education in the field of water treatment.