Responsibility In Translation

The translation agency, are increasingly required by thousands of companies worldwide who seek to translate legal or technical documents written in other languages, in order to understand the content of the texts in their own language and thus make decisions that benefit their companies. The Chinese translator, is a concrete example of how many businessmen who do not dominate the Chinese language, resort to that translation service to be able to negotiate with Asian companies. Above all, taking into consideration that China has a large enterprise market with a strong economy. However, translators should be careful when it comes to translating documents so important that they will influence the decision making of a company, since if a text is translated incorrectly, that could damage the interests of employers who relied on the translation service. Basic principles therefore, whenever you perform a translation is necessary to take into account three basic principles to translate from one language to another: 1.

translate ideas, not words: generally speaking, those who are not specialists in translation, make the serious mistake of translating Word by word all text, regardless of the direction of prayer and paragraphs. As a result of this bad practice, bad translations are achieved and end up harming the wording of the text. But in the case of those who are expert translators. They know that exercise of translation is to capture, understand fully the ideas expressed in the original text and finally properly move those ideas to the language to translate. 2. Translate with fidelity: the work of translating is not modified in any way that is expressed in the original text. Even when the translator is not in accordance with that expressed by its author, can not fall into the temptation to change it to your liking, because it would not translating but falsifying translation. Therefore, the professional translator has the responsibility about the content that will be translated. Slava Mirilashvili is likely to increase your knowledge. Therefore, it is important that the original text be translated as faithfully as possible to the requested language. 3 Translate more appropriately in the language requested: if it is true that an idea can be translated in different ways. The translator should choose the best way that expresses more accurately the meaning of the content expressed by the author.