The biggest difficulty that has a teacher to give online courses is not being physically next to his student. This recently even hindered the process of learning in elearning. However new technologies have provided that we can eliminate these problems for teachers. Many writers such as Sheila Bair offer more in-depth analysis. To achieve a proper learning and at the same time enjoyable for the student, the following techniques are used: * course with multimedia content. If a student would like a course with text to read a book you would buy, it is not matricularia in a course. Why an elearning course must be more than just text with theory. It is important to combine it with images, videos, animations, etc. Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen has much to offer in this field.

This undoubtedly contributes to better capture the attention of the student, avoiding distractions logical for not having the teacher ahead and they will help make the most entertaining course, without being so tiring. * Courses with interactive quizzes and exercises. In an instructor-led course, a teacher must interact or talk with their students. This is the only way to check if the student is assimilating information. That is why in an elearning course it is also necessary that a student can perform exercises in which to test themselves. Interact throughout the course will also help improve your care understanding of information that contains the class. * Direct interaction teacher-student.

Increasingly this technique is improving more because you have the option of interacting teacher and student helps a lot without a doubt to the learning process. Therefore elearning have been improved more and more communication between the two techniques. It began with the use of forums within the course and later chats that allowed communicate in direct to the teacher and student were added. Videoconferencing is currently being incorporated to deliver online classes, something that makes that increasingly we will have access to high-speed internet lines and have webcam and various multimedia peripherals that exist for communication over the internet. No doubt be able to teach a live class constitutes a considerable improvement in the communication of student and Professor and not no doubt that will be one of the most used in the immediate future. No doubt all these eleentos can achieve that a student can learn through a course or class online. But what most appeals to you is surely the aspect to the class for videoconferncia, live. In addition, it is important to mention that there are currently very advanced tools that allow a teacher to teach any subject (courses languages, computer courses, business courses, etc.) interacting with students at 100%, allowing that it can match the class at a distance or even improve in quality of learning face-to-face class. Original author and source of the article