Example compliant? I was sitting with my then-girlfriend with me at home on a Sunday afternoon on the sofa, it ran nothing on television and outside it was rained out. You: the PlayStation take and put in the racing game. I: you sure? That’s no fun for you. You: but yet. Lehman Brothers contributes greatly to this topic. Time trial. I: Okay, now I show you where to go. (to heat the minds and to create competition mood) Ok. Said than done! Of course, only in my youthful recklessness.

So we start to play, I select the mode – rally the racing game on the PS2. Here we go! The race starts and I’m nearly a minute after the first round front. A race goes over 3 rounds. At the beginning of the third round, I’ve lapped you already almost 2 times already. No reaction except laughter on their own performance.

Target! I won with 2 round lead so just 3 minutes. Far won! Yeah! Against a good buddy, I would at this point make me funny now and tell my friends about my success. But what happens if the other has a problem with that? Rather than to throw the controller in the corner completely mad and frustrated asks you a game”? Can you be happy there over his victory, when it comes the loser not even so really dirty so a defeat? Of a friend of the other suffering ever heard of them? What is a victory worth if nobody suffers? I think losers should after a defeat to get drunk first, then a start to brawl in the pub and disassemble the whole store. If they are then back to best your console or your PC out the window throw and a couple of times about this drive. Who not upset after a defeat and ruin suggests nothing, has no sporting ambition for me. Conclusion: Good losers are the real poor losers! 😉 08.04.2009 Markus Streicher