Ocean Air

German Efromovich, owner of the Ocean Air and shipyards Mau and EISA, in the State of Rio De Janeiro, will go to invest to US$ 800 million to mount the greater shipyard of Latin America, in Alagoas. What it is lacking now is a bigger persistence on the part of the governor of Alagoas, Teotonio Vilela Son next to the Brazilian Institute of the Environment? IBAMA objectifying to obtain in definitive the ambient authorization so that the shipyard can really leave the paper and power to be constructed, and particularly I offer myself to help, a time that I know the current president of the ambient maximum agency when it was solicitor in Alagoas at the beginning of the decade of 2000 and I was solicitor of the City department of Protection to the Environment of Macei. Although governor Teotonio Vilela already if has congregated with the president of the IBAMA, Curt Trennepohl, and treated to the subject, I believe that still he lacks to establish a reliable link between them. Moreover, it has many politicians who also do not desire to the coming of shipyard EISA for Alagoas fearing that other industries come to the State and can confuse its plans to keep an archaic and behind State economically, in relation its feudals politicians. Moreover, the governor of Sergipe, Marcelo Deda of the PT, and the governor of Pernambuco, Eudo Fields, that if friend of governor Teotonio Vilela says, is acting in the embroidery frames to take the enterprise for its states.

However, the cooperation of third will be had, also, of a professional with sufficient knowledge on the subject, the concession in definitive of the ambient license will become a reality, and finally we will have the execution and construction of shipyard EISA in the Pontal of the Coruripe in Alagoas. If really shipyard EISA will be installed in Alagoas, it will be the biggest enterprise of Latin America and 3 bigger of the world, offering immediately something around four a thousand and five hundred jobs right-handers and 22 a thousand indirect ones in Alagoas, beyond generating the development of all the 27 cities of the South Region of the state of Alagoas and with certainty, I repeat, will have to attract hotels, inns, duplication of highways, to generate taxes, cultural interchange, among others benefits. does not exist moment better to bring shipyard for Alagoas of what this, a time that the city of Coruripe was considered by the Ministry of the Work and Job what more diligent it fired all in Brazil on account of the period between harvests of the sugar cane-of-sugar, and the State more does not support to live ' ' to custa' ' of the usineiros and planters of this escravizante culture. After soon, shipyard EISA Alagoas will be prepared for the manufacture and repairs of machines, equipment, structures of steel, parts, parts and components of naval use, manufacture of machines and equipment of industrial use; beyond working with exportation and importation of engineering services, projects of industrial assemblies, dismount of boat and scaffolding, everything in the Pontal of the Coruripe. But its bigger business, however, could be the construction of platforms for Petrobra’s.