New Year

Administration Suzdal always very satisfied with the lush folk festivals in the , which will appreciate the children and adults. Like most holiday programs in Suzdal, New holiday completes a stunning fireworks display. Do not have time to recover from New Year's holidays – and here already and Christmas! Christmas celebrated in Suzdal, a particularly lush. Not for nothing did Suzdal was once considered the capital of Christian Rus. In Suzdal, as nowhere else, you can feel the atmosphere of the Christmas holiday. All mass festivities on Christmas Eve – and carols, the Christmas and divination, and dances, and jumps through fire – in Suzdal relevant until now. In addition to folk festivals, the city administration arranges festivals of folklore ensembles and vocal and instrumental ensembles. Market Square has always called Fair, where, except for sales souvenirs, you can also try different dishes of Russian cuisine.

On the night of January 7, all the Suzdal churches and cathedrals are a church service – a solemn church service almost always involves a considerable number of parishioners not only from Suzdal, but also from other cities. Slightly less than magnificent, but with no less excitement in Suzdal and celebrate Epiphany. By tradition, the baptism in Suzdal bathe everything from small to big – someone to join a brighter Orthodox holiday, someone – for the sake of quenching, someone, for the sake of positive emotions. January 25, Suzdal, like the rest of the city, marks the Day of all students, or Tatyana's Day. And although the central celebrations for this holiday suit rarely, folk festivals and fairs will produce no less impressive. Worth a visit Suzdal and the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. On this day in Suzdal, as well as throughout the country, pay tribute and gratitude to everyone who was and remains inverse order.

According to tradition, on this day in honor of the Fatherland Defender Day in Suzdal are the choirs that represent a retrospective of battles in ancient Russia. This is not every day you see! In February each year in Suzdal festival "Russian fairy tale." The festival has always included a demonstration of films, fairy tales, a meeting with the audience honored guests, performances of Russian folk tales, as well as various contests and concerts. In addition, guests can participate in various outdoor events and merrymaking outdoors, horseback riding and hot air balloons. Of course, one can not but mention the "Goose battles" in Suzdal. Crow fights – ancient holiday, appeared in Russia. Now in Suzdal trying to revive the holiday. Each year, the Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life in Suzdal from across the country riding the participants to compete with each other. Celebration 'Goose fights' – always a fascinating sight: you wait and vintage fairground fun, and songs with dancing, and showing antique clothing and Staged fights young warriors, and of course, fighting geese, and drawing of "Big Goose". Completes the whole string of winter holidays – Pancake. Occurs widely in Suzdal Pancake widely and have fun! The program Shrovetide festivities: theatrical folklore show, Pancake games and fun, fun competitions and contests, horse riding and burning Carnival, refreshments dishes of Russian cuisine, and delicious pancakes! That's so much fun you can spend time in Suzdal during the winter holidays. Come to Suzdal and you are sure to be a story to tell about the rest.