Mount Buffalo

The final stage of tidal river to Melbourne is approximately 250 km (route variations!). Sale: (Bairnsdale Sale approx. 75 km) this city is the capital of the Gippsland region. You should obtain additional information about the environment on all cases in travel guides and tourist information site. (Sydney Canberra 300 km)-city description see above – town Cooma: (Canberra Cooma approx.

120 km / pure journey time approx. 3 hours) is probably the most common of tourists selected access gate for the snowy mountains: These mountains are part of the great dividing range. (Not to be confused with SSGA!). They are known as “Australian Alps”. The highest mountain is with approx. 2200 m of Mt. Kosciusko. In winter (July September) enough snow falls in this region, so that a medium-sized ski industry has established itself. Town of Jindabyne: (Cooma Jindabyne 70 km) is a newly built town, which represents a good starting point for daytrips wall.

Town of Thredbo: (Cooma Thredbo 100 km) in this tourist town can you once again choose a route variation. Should have seen enough of the southern hinterland of Australia when reached this city and want to go directly to Melbourne, you can best organize this from Threado. Drive towards Albury, on the Murray Valley Highway / Wodonga. Then switch on the well drivable Hume Highway, which takes you directly to Melbourne to Albury. (Thredbo Melbourne 575 km) Mount Buffalo National Park: You should opt for the fast variant to Melbourne, but still, you should make a trip to this National Park. “Fast travelers” should control the easily accessible Mount Buffalo chalet on a coffee break to Miss not Outlook. Town Omeo: (Threadbo Omeo 290 km) this city is a very small town, but is known by Australians as the capital of the Alps. About 160 years ago because of gold occurrences, the city experienced a population boom. The Combipix recommend editors on all cases by the ensuing environment to perform (eucalyptus – forests) and the views from the lookout of McMillians enjoy a small car tour. City-Bairnsdale: (Omeo Bairnsdale about 125 km) the great Alpine road through many switchbacks and beautiful landscapes will take you to Bairnsdale. Who’s driving this beautiful road along the Tambo River, is once again the sentence: the journey is the reward. -City Bairnsdale described above – the final stage (Bairnsdale to Melbourne: approx. 370 km / pure journey time approx. 5.5 hours). Photo instructions for this tour at a glance: National War Memorial, Canberra: new Parliament, old Parliament Monaro Highway: landscapes Jindabyne: starting point for day hikes snowy mountains Thredbo: base for day hikes, nature, landscapes great Alpine road: curves, intersecting rivers to Bairnsdale: Mitchell River, Lake King, river valleys Lake entrance (40 km from Bairnsdale): mouth of the lakes into the sea sale: Gippsiland capital, cafes, nightlife to tidal river: Willsons promontory National Park _