How about hearing a few special examples to make it clear what I mean? First, let’s talk about marriage. Like most people refers to the choice of a partner for marriage? They say: ‘Oh, I agree to take any! I just want to get married ‘? I do not think so. I ‘m sure you would not select a partner for marriage in this way.

Conversely, you might have some requirements such as: * It must be the opposite sex. * It must be the same age group. * He must like me. * I would like someone local, not a thousand miles away. * The person must have similar viewpoints and opinions.

* I should like him. * Make sure that person loves dogs and cats. You are going to live with this person, so you do not want to choose the wrong type of person. And now look at how marketers are networkers to choose its distributors. Whether or not they choose? None. They take anyone who breathes, anyone with a credit card, and they do not care whether these distributors are the same views, ethics, desires or motives, as they have. And then what happens? Conflicts, problems, no growth, lower qualifications, and only a sad pastime – instead of enjoying network marketing. Follow others, such as amwell, and add to your knowledge base. So, do not take on any job – be selective. And make sure you have the proper conduct of elections for your efforts to find candidates. I always smile when I see ads, which read: “No meetings, no work, no retail sales, no quotas, no sponsorship, no starter-kits We do all the work for you! ‘I am sure that the sponsor attracted many new distributors on the proposal.