Margret Fiedler WINS Main Prize At The Pigeon Story Contest 2013

With her short story “we and the Dove – once there and once back” convinced Margret Fiedler in the writing competition of Freisbacher Krauss Verlag of Germany, Austria, Spain and the Switzerland come 62 authors and authors who are applied with their short stories and poems: the publication on the homepage of Krauss publishing (combined with a subsequent paperback release), one of the three pigeons board games for the best three texts, and finally to the overall: And this is attractive, because it involves the free creation of an E-book from own texts of the winner or the winner. Margret Fiedler from Siegen Seelbach has secured this victory (in addition to publication and board game): with an equally entertaining how wisely and competently written short story to a carrier pigeon, which lands on a beach chair and by a pair of tourists is fed up, before she can finish their flight home. Dr. Heinz-Helmut Hadwiger from Weitersfelden, includes Margret Fiedler Austria and Michael Schelhorn from Hamburg to the authors who win a board game. More 11 authors are represented with their texts on the homepage and be published together with the winners of the competition 2012, in a paperback, “New pigeon stories” will bear the title and comes in October/November 2013 in the trade. The who now wants to read the winning stories, please visit the homepage of Krauss’s Publishing House:, button “Competition texts 2013”. Why at all this competition? “The image of the carrier pigeon in our nature-distant time a little to burnish”, says Barbara Krauss, even author and pigeon breeder enthusiasts in the hobby.

It makes the experience that fewer and fewer people homing pigeons know and know about their excellent orientation. As culture birds they were humans valuable services over thousands of years. Today, they are shorn increasingly with feral pigeons of city over a ridge and vilified as “Rats of the skies”. In addition, that the Pigeon breeding is always less youthful followers as a time-consuming hobby. Course: alone with such a competition to make the carrier pigeon breeding yet no young, knows also the organizers. “But maybe the lyrics are so a suggestion and answer some question. They are entertaining in any case.