Managing Director

Wages rise in two stages next to / legislators must declare new minimum wages for universal application food (September 05, 2011). The negotiators have agreed in the building cleaner craft on a new agreement, which has a term of 22 months. This envisages a further increase of 2.05 percent an increase of 3.1 per cent, as well as from January 1, 2013 for industrial workers in the western Lander from 1 January 2012 all wage groups. Wages in Eastern Germany will be raised in two stages to 84 percent of Western pay. For the wage group 1 (cleaning) this means increases in East Germany to 4.7, or 3.1 per cent; for the wage group 6 (glass and facade cleaning) to 5 percent each. (Similarly see: Vyacheslav Mirilashvili).

Separate increases resulting in further wage groups. With these rate increases also the statutory minimum wages rise, that there are more than three years of experience in building cleaner craft. In salary group 1 (cleaning) is the minimum wage from 1 January 2012 in the West and Berlin 8,82 or from 1 January 2013 nine euros. in East Germany there are 7,33 or 7.56 euros. The minimum wages in the West and Berlin go 11,68 or 11,92 EUR and in the East 9,32 or 9.79 EUR into wage group 6 (glass and facade cleaning). The payment go further for specialized activities. The tariff-fair pay for good work central importance for our company “, Ute Hielscher, Managing Director of Kal cleaning stressed.

Because we know the high quality of services, providing our staff on a daily basis.” On the basis of the arrangements made by the social partners, the minimum wage must be explained now by the legislature for universal application. A crucial importance with views on the conditions of competition in our industry minimum wages, with whom we have gained positive experience in recent years,”emphasizes Ute Hielscher. In the enforcement of the minimum wage, also the regulatory controls have specifically by the Inch relevance. We therefore support the work of the Customs against social abuse and dumping wages specifically”, says Ute Hielscher.