Management And Empathy

What is this? What encloses the empathy? What impact, scope, does it? How it generates a harmonic climate in human relations? By which its importance? It should not be forgotten that one of the key elements forming part emotional intelligence, empathy, which belongs to the interpersonal domain. Empathy is the hallmark of successful interpersonal relationships Gestiopolis .com tells us in this regard, that, being empathic is the be able to read emotionally to people. Empathy binds with other skills or important behavior capabilities which include: quality of interrelation, development morality, aggressiveness and altruism. It also includes an emotional response directed towards another person according to the perception and assessment of the well-being of this and a range of feelings like sympathy empathetic compassion and tenderness. Scholars in the field have established that there can be an empathy covering answers with affective and cognitive patterns.

Bringing this as a consequence two distinctions: cognitive empathy, constitutes an understanding of the internal state of other person, and empathy, emotional (or emotional), which involves an emotional reaction from the individual who observes the experiences of others and is placed in the same place. For the purposes of a better understanding of the concept given above, it is necessary to distinguish between capacity and empathic tendency. There are those who define it as cognitive ability, which is inherent in an individual, take the perspective of the other or to understand some of their structures of world, without necessarily adopt this same perspective, is like putting on the shoes of another and although don’t think just like them know or understand what they feel knowing that each individual possesses an own script..