Macquarie Futures USA

Murti is currently one of the most listened gurus on Wall Street, and investment reports are read by many investors before choosing destinations or sectors to invest. And even though someone does not agree with their predictions, it matters little, ‘is always Goldman Goldman. ” Nauman Barakat, vice president of energy futures at Macquarie Futures USA told the New York Times: “Same if you disagree with their predictions, the problem is that Goldman brings a lot of credibility. There are many traders who invest based on their reports. “There are other analysts who are predicting that a barrel can return to $ 70 by year-end. There are many opinions about whether oil demand is sufficient or not, if the supply is declining or not, whether oil will run out sooner than I imagined, if it is a problem of demand, supply, or simple market speculators future, as analysts there. Citigroup analyst (NYSE: C) Tim Evans, said that commodities operate today, is like putting your hand in the blender.

The oil is hot, and we all want to make predictions, however disparate they may seem, but if one thing is certain, is that Americans are addicted to oil. And if it does not shake a deep recession in the United States, the chances to see the oil to 50% below today’s prices, is the less striking. Probably the one thing certain is the claim of Evans.