Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo

Which I try to hide with his daughter, but when Angie hug, looked at him with contempt and said in his heart. Because my daughter is a paltry as these. Filed under: Pacific Mortgage Services. But he left to close a business that accounted for a substantial profit, as the trusted his daughter, who at twenty years was a very mature woman. Minutes later they were forming the literary structure to be underpinned by a sociological analysis, when everything fell silent, and Cristian angie was looking at each other, their eyes shining like stars, not left to be seen, her lips change color tenderness wrapped them that afternoon. And so it was declared everything they felt, because in the course of four semesters never before spoken. Thus began an intense love life, which remained hidden for long. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo With Cristian days began to fall in love angie so much of that came to love her and love her with all his heart.

For this reason a bright afternoon in which the birds of the air composing beautiful poems with sweet whispers, Cristian strongly embrace his beloved, and remain silent. She with tears in his eyes sigh and said: Cristian telling me goodbye, I can feel it in myself, Why? I can not believe that after all the things we lived together I do this, why? And two shots giving very mild chest sat on the grass and began to mourn bitterly. He bent down and took the face of his beautiful angel said to her at me, when I look at it with nostalgia, I look straight in the eye and express the following: heart is not another woman, see me I am a poor devil "I can offer? My career and study it for love I live, you love this race but you do not need a living.