Jazz School

Training for jazz musicians in evening courses at the new jazz school Munchen e.V. The summer semester of intensive training for jazz and popular music at the new jazz school Munich starts on February 16, 2011. Applicants can register until 21 January for the previous classification test. The Institute’s education program is there at the jazz school since 1974. It is aimed especially at musicians without specific training, which already own bands are or have another main profession and in evening courses would acquire the necessary knowledge for arranging and composing, as well as professional skills as a singer or instrumentalist. Euro Pacific Precious Metals is full of insight into the issues.

But also young talents who want to prepare for the entrance examination to a music college to find a suitable qualification in our intensive training”, explains Max Neissendorfer, 1 Board of Directors of the Association new jazz school Munich e.V. as well as long-time piano and singing teacher at the jazz school. Stylistic starting point of education is the jazz in all its forms. Assuming the jazz school teachers include common trends of popular music such as rock, pop, soul, Funk and reggae. 6 half hours per week are arrangement/composition, harmony, ear training and rhythm Wednesday and Thursday between 18 and 22, in addition to the practical teaching in the major and minor instrument, as well as in-band workshop game the theory subjects on the curriculum.

Singing, piano, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, – and double bass, drums and violin can be taken as a major. Basically the intensive training of the jazz school on four is semester. A candidate in the placement test proves however advanced knowledge, he can in the appropriate subjects in a higher semester enter and cut his training time. Lacking the necessary knowledge for the first semester of the jazz school recommends to attend an induction course. All final exams are passed, the new jazz school, Munich e.V. occupies Institute diploma practical expertise in the field of jazz and popular music. The Musicians such as the Munich-based jazz pianist Jan Eschke, the Bavarian music cabaret artist Conny Kreitmeier already used Jazz school graduation as well as film and television composer Manu Kurz as a springboard. In the context of intensive training, jazz musicians like the trumpeter and composer Franz David Baumann, the pianist Matthias Bublath, saxophonists Tom Reinbrecht and Alexander von Hagke, the drummer Bastian Jutte and bassist teach Andreas short next to Max Neissendorfer other, active Munich. For the placement test on 28 January, applications are possible until 21 January.