Interim Manager

The legal relationship between the provider and the Interim Manager is set in a contract, which the Interim Manager has as an independent service provider, but BGB acts in the company in accordance with 278 as a vicarious agent of the provider. Between interim a contract often then Manager and company, when it comes to the payment of travel expenses and any performance-based bonus payment. At this point, it was once again mentioned that a law essentially proper elaboration of such service contract between the company and provider or interim is Manager of importance, because otherwise many negative consequences, both employment and social security law, arising. The liability of an interim manager is an often not appreciated and neglected issue. This appointed a company to the Managing Director of a limited liability company or to the Board of Directors, liability risks not only to the company itself, but also to third parties.

Therefore, it is extremely important to make the contracts carefully and to make a clear distinction between of the Interim Manager compared to the actual management. Interim Manager or consultant? Finally the question is allowed, whether I have since made the right decision to use an interim manager in my company or whether it would not be better to hire a consultancy solving my problems. Up to approx. Mid-1980s there was actually no alternative to the consultants who advised his customers, supported and guided. The implementation itself however was the task of the customer unless he bought a in addition and this performance of the consultant. The fees of the interim Managers are often lower than those of the consultant. The Interim Manager offer their services as independent, are fixed on the objectives and therefore emotional bound by the company. Here already the first page of the interim benefits seem to be Manager. Consultancies are may not be able to start a job that stretches over a longer period of time, overnight, interim managers are more likely available due to their large number and the probability to find the appropriate interim manager within a few days is very high.