And it turns out, self-deception, we can do, but admit guilt for their actions, we can not. That's actually indicated the role of inspectors in this regard, the role of conscience of the driver on the road, which is trying to reach out to the driver of the mind. After all, no reason given only to a creative approach to the next story of the force majeure, but also to think about yourself, well, or at least of the passengers and pedestrians, if your own life is not expensive. Female image Safety is not an obstacle. Well about the responsibility of the driver, or rather lack of responsibility is clear. Meeting an inspector with the offender, almost always gets to the last stress.

And in order to reduce emotional burden on drivers to communicate with the inspectors, Rostov authorities have made an interesting move. So with the year before the territory of Rostov-on-Don, formed a platoon of female traffic police, and now the main streets of the city can observe not only the harsh image of male traffic police inspector, and a slender figure of a woman in uniforms. This move significantly reduced the conflict, supervisors and employees of local ATP, who love podeboshirit, and shout out loud. And now, instead of self-inflicted eyebrows, drivers with a smile, meet new employees of traffic police. Taking into account the fact that the emotional state of a driver engaged in the carriage of passengers greatly affects the safety of the lives of dozens of citizens, is an interesting move by the traffic police authorities, should be applied in major cities on the routes of passenger vehicles. Where high risk on their part offenses. That's all. In the meantime, our consciousness does not come sense of responsibility for violation of traffic rules, and our minds are finally prevail over the instincts, and we stop to talk like a hero in the movie "Gentlemen good luck, "that" everyone ran and I ran, "we have to watch and the eternal struggle with the inspectors, drivers, or vice versa.