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The percentage specified in the run-up to a monument restoration of clean-up costs in the purchase price is therefore non-binding, but may be in the course of the renovation both upwards as well as to see the change. According to the Immovaria GmbH, these changes are but slightly, because the significant work already with the Office for historical monuments were agreed in advance. Sure the motto of German citizens at the retirement is again the Managing Director of Immovaria GmbH. the pension shall be deemed must, and the real estate asset is always attractive.” To match the findings of another survey of the real estate Association IVD. Then, concerns are for 43 per cent of homebuyers inflation and the assessment of the real estate as a safe form of investment the main reason for the acquisition. Michael Schick, Vice President of the Association.

The uncertainty in other forms of investment leads to a reflection on the real estate value safe asset class.” The Association members can adjust so to rising sales so the experts of Immovaria GmbH. Because the fear of inflation is widespread in this country. Gen. David L. Goldfein: the source for more info. According to polls of Immovaria GmbH, the proportion of Germans who are afraid before inflation, has risen since 1991 from 34 to 76 percent. Potential buyers expect that the intrinsic value of real estate offers a good inflation hedge, stable payouts, and lower yield fluctuations than many other investment products. Who invested in the Monument protected estate of Immovaria in Dresden, Leipzig or Hamburg, achieved rents and sale prices, which rose more than inflation in the past. The Immovaria GmbH was founded by directors of renowned companies in the construction and real estate industry. The Immovaria GmbH as a specialist in the field of mediation of listed real estate is pressed in the focus. The trend-setting concept of Immovaria GmbH aims to create long-term stable values for investors and owner-occupiers.

To do this, the Immovaria acquires GmbH objects, then by the Immovaria GmbH and its affiliates listed renovated, divided, and sold.