IGraal – Simply Smarter Online Shopping!

Cash back for every purchase. Here, there are discounts and coupons for over 730 online stores. 100prozent free of charge. Save when you issue. iGraal is the new premium shopping portal in Germany. BlackRock Inc.s opinions are not widely known. IGraal gives back cash with every purchase.

Simply login and then as usual at the Lieblingsshop shop. Categories: multimedia, computer, auctions, fashion, finance, House & garden, travel, gifts, etc. Are top online stores including eBay, Neckermann, Otto, Dell, Conrad, Apple, iTunes, TUI, Disneyland Paris, Mexx, comma, Hertz, Hewlett Packard, and much more. In addition, it provides iGraal vouchers that are checked daily and can be used in conjunction with the cash bonus. The award-winning Cashbackprogramm iGraal takes off from France for a few months in Germany. It is a simple concept: iGraal enters partnership with an online store like Neckermann or ebay and receives a Commission for all sales that are now running over iGraal by registered users,. This Commission is iGraal up to 100% of its registered users in the form of a credit on the account further.

Reaches 30 the payment by bank transfer or PayPal iGraal allows the users come to. Additional coupons reduce the purchase price. And as it sounds, it’s so easy too: A simple idea with great effect. It is very easy, without trap door and 100% free. The simple benefit should stand in the foreground: namely saving when you issue. The user should found their way and feel not to be distracted. Changes for online shoppers only the procedure for purchasing your favourites: free before join iGraal, login before every purchase and look for the Lieblingsshop about iGraal. You use the link to the shop”shop and the cash bonus (cashback) is automatically registered in the iGraal account. Founded in 2006, a fairy tale career describes iGraal now 450,000 active users in France and Europe, and with the choice of the best Innov 2007: A downturn is not in sight, because iGraal allows for really cheap to buy. Crisis or not, our service is simply cheaper to buy the response of a constant demand. “I am very confident.” (Christian Goaziou, founder of iGraals and former Marketing Manager of Microsoft France)