Government Energy

Because the electricity is fed into the public electricity grid, what currently are paid 43 cents per kilowatt hour. The larger while the collector area, the higher the Government grant. Energy performance certificate protects tenants against nasty surprises in the creation of heating bills for tenants experts recommend, prior to the conclusion of a lease agreement show the energy performance of the building. So far, tenants rarely inquire according to this document, that documented the energy efficiency of a property and that owners renting of apartments and houses are required to present. More information is housed here: Dow Jones. The costs for heating and hot water can be difficult in advance to predict without energy performance certificate. The nasty surprise comes with the first creation of heating bills for supposedly attractive offers.

Non-insulated old buildings with outdated heating can swallow a multiple of energy compared to new build or comprehensively energetically reconstructed houses. The energy performance certificate helps, however, before conclusion of the contract containing information about the energetic State of a building, i.e., what thermal insulation measures have been made, how old are the heating systems etc. It is advisable to inform, precisely in advance about the energy performance certificate because it is full of complicated terms and in two variants in circulation, the required financial statement and the consumption statement. For lay people, it is therefore often difficult it actually expected costs to read from. Including a flyer, the German Energy Agency dena, the German Federal tenants have published which offers orientation ( service/publications downloads). Internet portal brings together information and links offering of BDP GmbH Internet portal information, provider addresses and links to all questions on the subject of thermal insulation, solar roofs, energy-efficient building, funding opportunities and more. Well-founded overview article introduce into matter and facilitate the selection of the available options. A comprehensive directory helps sorted by State or zip code when searching for a specialist nearby.