German Federal Intelligence Service

For the topping-out ceremony to the BND new building in Berlin-Mitte. For two years, the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) in Berlin builds a new headquarters, this week, topping-out ceremony was now. “A new building expresses whatever confidence in the future” as the guiding principle of Chancellor’s Office Minister Ronald Pofalla’s speech to the festive occasion. How can one understand this? Let us look at the construction. Two things immediately catches the eye: he is gray and he is huge. In the new Berlin Center, which is anyway not just poor gazing beyond concrete blocks of cyclopean proportions, this colossus again falls out of the frame.

On a length of 270 metres, flaunts a modern fortress of Chaussee road and forms a strictly secluded little world not far from the Berlin train station with its winding architecture. Thus surpasses the BND building in size all (!) Buildings of the political Berlin. The Chancellor’s Office, nor the monumental complexes of Office of the members of the Bundestag can compare with it. This also applies to dei costs: our secret service receives the most expensive building ever in the name of the Federal Republic of Germany was established. The construction will cost 790 million euros – so the plan.

After the usual developments in public construction you will are close to the truth, if you can see the final cost close to a billion euros (reminder: these are 1 000 000 000 individual euros). To get the cost of the relocation of the Bavarian Pullach in the capital; planned 710 million euros. While – a little known fact – still parts of numerous federal ministries (Foreign Office, Ministry of defence, the list could be continued) are divided between Berlin and Bonn, and ensures a good load of the respective airlines, the BND now completely moved to Berlin. Whether the new proximity to the Bundestag the degree of parliamentary scrutiny of intelligence increases, as in the political justifications for the move was to read again and again, not here. The impressions and numbers to the new construction clearly but that the Chancellor’s Office Minister in that regard is right, than it is to the future of the Federal Intelligence Service are not worry; Downsizing is apparently not. But what does this structure with regard to the future of the Republic? As I said, grey and huge he looks – access is forbidden and anyone who passes by, is filmed. Andreas Kellner messages/day of truth…