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Petra Coll Exposito tells their fascinating tour through China. The trip was one of the most impressive experiences to China, especially since I know that all cultural issues over decades in China were forbidden. First, I had two wonderful days in Beijing, here were of course the Imperial Palace and the pagoda of the sky, Chinatown and Imperial Park adjacent to the Imperial Palace. Impressive, I found the exhibition in the left wing, where specifically astronomical and geomantic instruments have been issued. Since I had hired a private guide to Beijing for the days I could align these days exactly to my needs and consider everything according to the criteria of Feng Shui. Connect with other leaders such as Markets Economy here.

When I arrived in the morning in Ganzhou I already by the organizers was expected and driven to the venue. Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai arrived with his family in the early evening, and it was exciting to expect him and his family at the airport. The next day was the official arrival of the most international guests, France, England. Little guests we were South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, India, from Europe, from Germany, I was the only one. The Government of Ganzhou was called warm us welcome and drew about the usual custom in China us, so flags were banned and also we should prove that Ganzhou city really song was built by Grand Master Yang Jun and showed good criteria of Feng Shui. I could take my meal in the company of experts after an interview with the local television. It was a nice experience, among about 400 Chinese Feng Shui masters, of which stand out perhaps 30 women, as Europeans. The opening ceremony of the Congress was overwhelming, all 400 participants should be held in a joint photo with the same clothing, a traditional Blazer made of Red Chinese silk, because there was so much and also I had great interest to meet the various experts, it was not easy to take a picture.