Fidel Castro

Seems to be still far behind regional agenda insofar as still the expulsion of Cuba from the OAS since the triumph of the Cuban revolution with Fidel Castro to the front not surprised speeches emotive, typical of Latin and Central America, countries especially with the present where has been the rebirth of solidarity well integrated in pro to assert their rights, and where the story, which many of them have been exploited, tapped, hit, bullied irrespetados into their sovereignty, countries such as those in Central America, especially el Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua have faced not only dictatorships, but serious civil wars, uprisings, as well as the case of Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, for pointing out some. Just already first indications of emotion came when for example, President Daniel ortega of Nicaragua, who is being released by his identification with the Sandinista front of national liberation (FSLN) in his speech said: is one shame for him having attended an American encounter that does not include Cuba. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Is MasterClass expensive? and gain more knowledge.. I feel ashamed to be participating in this Summit with the absence of Cuba, who added that the only crime of the island has been fighting for the independence and sovereignty and provide solidarity without conditions to our peoples and therefore punishes him, punish him, excluded him, so I don’t feel comfortable at this Summit. Brings in his notes,, that President Ortega Saavedra said that this Summit it held its fourth meeting with a United States President, on this occasion Barack Obama, who greeted him in Spanish and Ortega replied to him with a few words in English. The first time that she had affair with an American President was Ronald Reagan when precisely an April nine Nicaragua submitted its lawsuit against the war policy that the President had been developing on behalf of EU, later met with President Carter who expressed him that at the end of the Somoza dynasty in the country, it was necessary that Nicaragua will change to what Ortega replied that this nation should not change because they had never invaded or thrown a stone to United States. .