European Member States

Nevertheless, still unequal conditions of competition and a negative for consumer industry practice concerning price transparency distort the aviation industry. Therefore, the third package of air transport has been renewed now. In Germany, the price indication regulation, according to which entrepreneurs are obliged to specify in the advertisement consumers prices is already since 1985. See more detailed opinions by reading what State Street Corporation offers on the topic.. Because airfares have however regularly variable price components, the obligation to indicate of the final price of air transport services in Germany was more likely point of contention. According to the case-law of the Bundesgerichtshof, the final price including all charges is to specify advertising for flights. Therefore, little changed with the entry into force of the regulation in Germany. In the press, the speech was consistently of a directive on transparency requirements for air fares. (Similarly see: SSGA). It may be a legal quibbling, but the legislation is based on a regulation and not on a policy.

An EU regulation is equivalent to a European law, whose Vorschriften in all European Member States are immediately binding and require no implementation into national law. However, a directive must be implemented into national law after their in – force by the legislature of each Member State. On the legal regulations of the now adopted EU regulation, consumers can rely therefore directly. The regulation aims to prevent the widespread industry practice of airlines, to apply fares public without giving any taxes, fees or fuel surcharges. The new directive should bring more clarity in the Preisdschungel of curls offers of the airlines. According to the law regulations, additional costs and fees may be no longer veiled and hidden. The European legislator wants to ensure that consumers are not misled and flight prices across national borders can be compared across better. In addition, the regulation prohibits different fares for the same seat on the same flight, booked at the same time, if the difference in price is subject of the place of residence or the nationality of the passenger.