Something cannot succeed. It needs a general way to adapt to the new conditions in the world. And this is only in the preliminary only remaining US constant: in ourselves. Albert Metzler: Your seminars and coaching, you have an enormous variety of different personalities. Your clients are politicians, entrepreneurs, also speaker, consultant, and coach Manager. How can sovereignty at all we exercise? Stephane Etrillard: Who carefully, openly, and with genuine interest met his life his environment, his fellow human beings and himself, who is able and willing, about themselves and their own lifestyle to reflect who other people and the open face own experiences can and his life deliberately, active and designed in accordance with his inner treads the path to a sovereign personality who already. And who then persistently follow this trail, are also of adversity do not be swayed can be, can have sooner or later not only real sovereignty, but lead a life that provides satisfaction, fulfillment, sense and personal happiness. Ultimately everyone is open to this possibility of a flattened, authentic and self-determined life, because she is deeply anchored in their own personality, and the realization of this opportunity takes place in a very individual process, based on the personal circumstances and requirements.

Because the way to a sovereign personality and a fulfilled life is always the self, this way really is open to everyone. Although it is a path that is not always easy to deal with and in whose Also difficulties and real challenges course are expected, so some people maybe not going to him. But anyone who consciously and resolutely to decide can tread this path. Albert Metzler: The sovereignty of each individual stand together in a direct connection to the personal value systems and the charisma of the individual. Can you radiate sovereignty without them? Stephane Etrillard: A sovereign personality needs a clear starting point for its creation. It is in one’s own identity.

Because the identity is the key to personal growth. Identity refers to the internal unit of the person experienced as self in psychology. It includes the beliefs and personal character traits, which we differentiate ourselves from other people and recognize it as an individual. Identity lets us understand who we are and where we are in relation to our environment and our fellow human beings. Determine our respective views even if they meet does not tell the truth about our decisions and our actions, because usually people will strive to act in accordance with their interior and maintain such consistency in their lives and to avoid contradictions.