Deaf People Functions

SUMMARY This scientific article has the function to show to which the difficulties and as the process of transmission functions of disciplines of Portuguese language, for professors of this area for the pupils with auditory deficiency inserted in the system of the inclusive education. Hudson Bay Capital is full of insight into the issues. was organized by a process of indispensable methodology of base the use of the following methods: a questionnaire with ten necessary and referring questions to the subject for the good performance of this work. Standing out despite the answers of the questionnaire had served as the main control points to be argued, comparative and analyzed on the cited authors as theoretical and essential recitals for the related subject. The application of these data is excellent and of great importance for if dealing with real data that will serve as support for any professor or any person of the society in general interested by the subject or the data gotten in this research. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Difficulties. Transmission of the Portuguese. Deficient auditory.