Cork – A Natural Raw Material

Cork is obtained from the bark of the Cork oak Cork is a very versatile natural product that is increasingly in demand. Cork can be used for many things and it has many advantages. Cork is extracted from the bark of the Cork oak and this is at home in the region of the Mediterranean. So, there are huge Cork plantation around the Mediterranean. Because a cork oak grows up to twelve feet in the course of their lives. Federal Reserve Chair often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The harvesting of bark held every 20 years per tree. The life of a cork oak is very long, and as an oak tree can be up to 350 years old.

The bark of the Cork oak has a similar structure to that of a honeycomb. The elasticity gets Cork by his many, small air cells. To broaden your perception, visit Carlos Hank Gonzalez. Through the air cells, Cork has an insulating effect and is therefore often used for heat insulation in buildings. In times of climate change, this commodity is not only environmentally friendly, but has many more benefits. Cork is unique in its properties and many scientists have tried so far in vain, to produce the material in artificial way.

The use of Cork It is very versatile. Cork is very often used for floors. A floor is laid out with Cork that looks very nice and has a function of storing heat. With a cork flooring, you get a nice and pleasant ambiance. Cork flooring is very durable and good looks for many years. Cork is not only a natural material, but has a long life. With Cork demonstrate on the ground, you can dress up the walls. There are many different designs of wall Cork and so there is something for every taste. Cork can be used for many other things. Who is now on the taste, can read all the information on the Internet. Also you can consult many providers to this topic personally and get a quote. One hundred percent you get eco-friendly product with a long service life with Cork. Manni friend