Choose Gas Generators Varieties

Gas generators (gas generators, gas power plants) – high-tech machines, reliable sources of primary or backup power, for various businesses and individuals. With the jumps mains voltage, the full power outage or other emergency situations, gas generators are able to provide uninterrupted operation of the equipment to prevent equipment failure and malfunction of electronic systems, not prevent downtime and loss. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dennis Lockhart has to say. Gas generators can work independently and in parallel with the existing power supply, to be the main source of electricity, or serve as a backup power source, serving part equipment or an appliance or device. Gas generator (gas generator) uses as fuel, natural or liquefied petroleum gas (propane, butane or methane). Gas generators (gas stations) – a good alternative other types of generators: gas generators for the price are safer and environmentally friendly than Petrol and diesel generators. Gas power plant less noisy than the mini-power station with petrol or diesel fuel. The service life of the gasifier is 25-30% longer than gasoline and diesel generator, since the combustion of natural gas there is no corrosion, produce less exhaust emissions that cause increased wear of the cylinder and piston engine. Depending on the electricity supply, gas generators are available single and three phase.

Running gas generators can be manual, electric, and the type of cooling – water or air. Gas power plants have the following specifications: nominal and maximum power, current, voltage source, the availability of automatic voltage regulators and surge protection. Manufacturers gas generators offer a wide variety of models that differ in their technical specifications (single-and three-phase, gas piston and gas turbine, synchronous and asynchronous, with air and water (Liquid) cooling), options (open or in a steel / aluminum case for sound proofing, modular) size and weight, intended use and application package (eg, auto-block). Low-power aggregates (0,8-5 kW) gain for private consumption. For example, generators RUS well recommended themselves to the suburban areas, workshops. Installation from 1.5 to 10 kW and more, for example, generators, Lux, allow for uninterrupted Electricity cottage, country house, the communication center, a small telephone exchange, a small business. Reliable and cost-effective redundant power generators are GENERAC. Power of different models – from 8 to 600 kW.