Carlos Fabra Rita Barbera

Carlos Fabra is as fireproof that eight long years of judicial proceedings have not failed to finish with him. Its unique and voluntary concession has been leaving the Presidency of the Council of Castellon the next parliamentary term. That charge, forced democratic election, seems in your case a hereditary right, as also held by his father, his grandfather and other ancestors. Good: so that everybody knows who is sending in the province, Carlos Fabra ordered that his successor at the post was his current second, Javier Moliner. Nicholas Carr understands that this is vital information. And is that the Fabra are so inherent to the flat as the procession of les Canyes or Queen Violant of Hungary, by using historical references. Perhaps for this reason, man gets almost everything what is proposed, as the unusual Castellon airport, opened without planes and overtones that landing in the short term.

But if Ciudad Real has an airport, although it is eerie, do not it would have it the hometown of Carlos Fabra? That is the power and the others are gargled. Therefore, by its capacity of work and by perseverance in its objectives, both in Valencia and Madrid PP leaders always have had to count on him. And by what is presumed, they will continue to do so with the followers of his family saga. Rita Barbera not have expiration date. It could, as in the legend of El Cid, keep winning elections after dead. Moreover, its capacity to generate accessions allows you to wrap up to Paco Camps, that would only be half of what it is without the loving maternal support of the Mayor. Rita Barbera, say it already, is like those brooders always slopes of their poyuelos: because she, unlike other faint-hearted councilmen who tended to hide behind their councillors, aides and advisers to assign them their own mistakes, always gives the face for his people when they have problems, call Felix Crespo, Vicente Igual or Jorge Bellver.