Generally, these projections include a year. The unexpected situations usually destabilize their resources, therefore, will have to save, at least, the five percent of their wage. The budget of its home must realise it monthly and take it in writing. In addition, it puts in a visible place receipts and invoices of its purchases; it will be able to see in what it spends his money. The debts, by rule, must become the first cost of the month: the interests are more and more high. Agreed to the economic situation of its country, a tool very useful to save can be a diversified plan of investment or an account of savings. In addition it does not spend additional money like increases or debts that they had with you; they will serve to him as fixed source as saving. A good formula of finances is realised from its patrimony: it confronts what has and so must to obtain the average of its familiar balance.

If it is possible, it invests his income in an insurance and has his up-to-date policies. In addition, it uses his credit cards when it is strictly necessary: really advisable unforeseen expenses or opportunities. The little moderation in the handling of the credits is one of the most common risks for the declivity of the familiar economy. It does not forget to be to safe peace and before realising secondary purchases and, before everything, to be constant with the saving – by minimum that is monthly. As simple steps as the previous ones will maintain it distant of a monetary destabilization that could bring serious repercussions to him. Intntelo, will less than see the results in the considered time. More Articles of Businesses and the Present time. Az3. in